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Marpessa, Snatcher.
Alternate meanings: Gobbler.
[to Whom the ninth day of September, day 252, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek. There was a placename of Marpessa which held a Sibylline shrine.
Description: White Goddess of grain; Ruler of mid-winter; White sow of death; Causer and healer of leprosy.
In mortal form She is said to have committed suicide after the death of Her consort.
To Whom Sacred: white-sow (sow's milk was held to cause leprosy); chariot-racing.
Male Associates: consort Idas. She was raped and abducted by Apollo (signifying the seizure of Her oracular shrine).

Source: Graves WG 188.
Ceto, Sea-Monster.
Alternate meaning: Of-the-Fair-Face.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: from Greek kappa-eta-tau-omicron-sigma, (ketos), 'any sea monster or huge fish'. 2. 'An abyss, hollow.'
To Whom Sacred: {sea mammals}.
Male Associates: consort, Phorcys, Boar, alternate meaning: Wise-Old-Man-of-the-Sea. His name became a synonym for the underworld. See also Phorcis linguistic note below. Some say Mother of Ladon

Source: Graves GMv1/128; Graves GMv2/index
Choere, Sow.

Geography/Culture: Greek?

Phorcis, Sea-Sow.
Alternate meanings: Seal, Whale.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: Phorcys is a masculine form of Phorcis appearing in Latin as Orcus, 'Boar', a title of Hades (orc is 'pig' in Irish) and as porcus, 'hog'. [Perhaps the word is related to Greek foke, 'seal'; also consider orca, the killer whale, could they, as mammals, have been thought of as pigs of the sea?]. {I had supposed the first word of the phrase 'fork you', was a eupehmism for 'fuck'; now I wonder if this might be its origin}.
Description: Prophetic Goddess of death; She Who, in the form of a sow, eats corpses, and makes the corn sprout.{[Therefore perhaps Goddess of the earth}.
To Whom Sacred: {corn}; pig; {orca; seal}; swineherd.
Male Associates: consort Phorcys, (who is also Ceto's consort). Son, Ladon, He-Who-Embraces, oracular serpent and guardian of the golden tree of apples in Hera's Garden of the Hesperides.

Phorcides, Sea-Sow's-Children.
Alternate meanings: The-Pigs, {Seal's-Children}.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: Deities of Death.

Note: The Gorgones, Grim-Ones, and the Graeae, Grey-Ones, were called Phorcides, Sea-Sow's-Children because it was death to profane the Goddess' mysteries. The Hesperides, Western-Ones, (also said to be the Daughters of Nyx, Night), were called Phorcides, Sea-Sow's-Children, because of Their association with the west, sunset and death. {Scylla, The-Sucker-Down, -- no doubt in Her plurality with Charybdis, She-Who-Rends, if They really were also known as the Gorgones, Grim-Ones, -- for much the same reason I presume. Though the Sirenes, like the Hesperides, seem benign, perhaps Their connection with clashing-rocks has caused Them to be identified with the Phorcides}.
Source: Graves GMv1/94, 127-30; Graves GMv2/385, 405; Graves WG/230, 418; KravitzWWGRM/190.
worked on: September, August, May 1995; August 1991; July 1990.
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