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Lamashtu, Mother-of-Deities.
[to Whom the sixth day of September, day 249, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Babylonia: Der.
Description: Great lady; Supreme Goddess; Lion-headed Daughter of heaven; Bringer of plagues; Disease infector, especially of children; Blood-drinker; Consumer of flesh.
To Whom Sacred: lion; serpent (She was worshipped at Der as a serpent with a woman's head): amulets bearing Her name (hung on doors of a household, or around the neck, She recognising reverence, will go elsewhere).

Source: BGH/173; WEMS/527.
Herophile, Dear-to-Hera.

Geography/Culture: Greek, from Libya.
Description: Pythoness; She Who incarnates the Goddess Lamia.
To Whom Sacred: Tripod (on which She sits to deliver oracles).
Male Associate: She is a priestess of Apollo at the Delphic shrine.

Source: Graves GMv2 162, 269, Kravitz WWGRM 163, 208.
Lamia, Greedy-One.
Alternate meanings: Lecherous.

Geography/Culture: Libya: adopted by Greece and Rome. She had an oracle at Delphi.
Linguistic Note: Greek lambda-alpha-mu-iota-alpha, from laimos, 'gullet' and thus, it is said of a woman: 'lecherous', seems related to; lamyros: 1. 'gluttonous, greedy', 2. metaphorically 'bold, wanton, impudent'.
Description: Originally Queen of Libya; Guardian of oracular shrines and source of prophetic utterance; Bestower of mystic insight; She Who has a flickering tongue.
When superceded became She became Demonic Goddess of frustration and despair; Terrifier of children; Child-slayer; Beautiful Seducer of young men Who feeds on their heart's blood.
Shehe is sometimes referred to as though bi-sexual, or male.
To Whom Sacred: lapwing (in which form Zeus fathered Herophile, Dear-to-Hera, on Her); snake (She had a woman's face and a serpent's tail); roebuck (associated with Her oracle at Delphi); eye (of mystic insight); child sacrifice; tripot.
Male Associates: betrayed by Zeus (for which reason She became a demon). [Daughter of Belus].

Source: Encyc Brit: Lamia; Fontenrose PSDMO; Graves GMv1/205; Graves WG 64, 220, 230-1, 448, 530.
Lamiae, Greedy-Ones.

Geography/Culture: Greek, from Libya.

Description: Those Who live in caves combing Their hair with golden combs.
To Whom Sacred: Gorgon mask (which Lamia's priestesses wore during Her mysteries); golden comb.

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