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Hesperides, Western-Ones.

Alternate meanings: Numphs-of-the-West, Redlands, Evening-Ones.
[to Whom the twentieth day of May, day 140, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: Multiple sweet-singing maiden Goddesses of the west, sunset, evening, the moon, death and immortality; Guardians of the tree of golden apples; Keepers of sacred objects; Those Who intimate that death may be desirable.
To Whom Sacred: apple-tree and fruit; golden-apple (symbol of love and fruitfulness, and/or may represent the sun as it re-appears each day); five-pointed star (as in a transversely cut apple); melon; Garden of the Hesperides (paradiscal apple-orchard/garden); wild-geese; sheep.
Festival: secret rites with music, held at nightfall.
Male Associate: Ladon, ---, the serpent who lay coiled round the golden-apple tree at the center of the Garden.
Usually supposed to be three:
Aigle, Dazzling-Light, Erytheia, Red-Land, Hespera `Evening', see below.
But sometimes there are more, including:
Arethusa, Waterer, linked with Alphito and Hestia, Hearth linked with Vesta.
Source: EBv13/408; GMv1/34, 129-30.
Aigle, Dazzling-Light.

Alternate meanings: Bright, Radiant, Sun-Like.
Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: 1. The light of the sun, radiance. Later simply, daylight. 2. Any dazzling light, lustre, gleam.
Description: Goddess as intimation of a pleasurable afterlife, the west, death.
To Whom Sacred: apples of immortality.
Male Associate: She is sometimes said to be the Daughter of Asclepius. Source: Graves GMv2 index; IGEL/19.
Erytheia, Red-land.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: Eponym of an island. {And a country ?}
Male Associate: Geryon, King of Erythia (Cadiz), was Her father {1 can find no reference to Her Mother}. Her consort: was Hermes, H=RMAS, Boundary-Post. Source: GMv1/127; GMv2/143; WWGRM/93.
Hespera, Evening-Twilight.

Alternate meaning: Evening.
Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: {presumed rough breath}-epsilon-sigma-pi-epsilon-omega-sigma, `of, or at, evening'.
Description: Mother of the stars; She Who announces, with Her appearance, the safe arrival of the sun on the western shores of Ocean.
To Whom Sacred: the evening-star (Venus). Source: IGEL 318.

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