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Gorgones, Grim-Ones.

[to Whom the fifth day of June, day 156, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek from Libya. They had a grove on the island Erytheia.
Description: Beauteous winged Triple Goddess of the moon; Protectress of women's mysteries; Prophylactic Guardian of the secret of a religious (perhaps tree) calendar writing system.
Also the name for priestesses of the Goddess Athene, Immortal-One, wearing prophylactic masks to warn off men, while performing women's mysteries.
To Whom Sacred: snake; The Gorgon's Head (Orphic name for the full-moon); letters of the alphabet.
Iconography: winged human figure, snake-belt, masked face of glaring eyes; scowling mouth with long protruding tounge between bared teeth.
Composed of:
Euryale, Wide-Wandering. Medusa, Cunning-One. Stheino, Strong-One.
Source: GMv1.
Euryale, Wide-Wandering.

Alternate meanings: Wide-Roaming, Of-the-Broad-Threshing-Floor.

Geography/Culture: Greek. Description: Goddess of the moon.
To Whom Sacred: {the constellation Orion}.
Male Associates: son, Orion, by cogenitor Poseidon or Hyrieus. Source: GMv1/127.
Gorgon, Grim-One.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: In early times there was only one Gorgon Whose head Athene wears on Her aegis where, in addition to its prophylactic significanse, it may have indicated Her connection with the moon. The Orphics called the moon's face The Gorgon's Head. Source:
Medusa, Ruler.

Alternate meaning: Cunning-One.
Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: The names of Medusa and Medea seem to be related, see Medea Linguistic Note. Source:
Stheino, Strong-One.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
worked on: August 6, 1991; May 1995.
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