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Mati-Syra-Zemlja, Moist-Mother-Earth.
[to Whom the tenth day of September, day 253, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Slavonic, especially Russia.
Linguistic Note: from Russian Mati, 'Mother', syra, 'moist', and zemlja, 'earth'.
Description: Supreme being; Goddess of vegetal growth and the plant-life that sustains annimal life; 'Black soil replete with darkness'; Source of all fruitfulness, power and strength; She Who, sentient and just, must not be deceived; Giver of oracles; Keeper of oaths; She Who, spat upon, must be immediately apologized to; She Who is pregnant till March 25th before which time She may not be struck with iron implements; Protectress of sheep-breeding, child-bearing and semen.
To Whom Sacred: sheep; semen; soil (when swearing oaths a piece of soil is eaten, as in marriage ceremonies, or placed on top of the head); holes dug in the earth for oracles (when the ear is placed against the hole the sound of a full sleigh means a good harvest, the tinkling of an empty sleigh means trouble); March 25th {does this mean a festival?}.

Source: Monaghan BGH 194-195; Funk & Wagnall SDFML 1027; Diner MA 9; New Larousse EM.
Ma-Mata, Mother.
Alternate meaning: Mother-Moon.

Geography/Culture: Hindustani: Dravadian.
Description: The mother's womb determines, or measures out, like the time measuring moon, the potential of each created being, and hence the Mother represents the mortal, the finite, the Earth, whilst the father denotes the infinite, unmanifested source.
Source: Stutley HDH 184.

Mokoshi, Moist.

Geography/Culture: Slavic, Ukranian, Russian.
Description: Goddess of water; Healer and giver of health and prosperity; Protectress of homes; She Who is invoked during times of drought.
To Whom Sacred: stones (especially those breast-like in shape); grain and animal offerings; spinning; rain (which is Her milk).

Source: Funk & Wagnall SDFML 1027.
worked on: September, August 1995; August 1991; July 1990.
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