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Io, Exalted-Moon.
Alternate meanings: Moon, Exalted-One.
[to Whom the fifth day of November, day 309, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Ionian, Peloponesus: Danaan (at Argos, She was worshipped there at least as early as 1225 B.C.).
Description: White Goddess of barley, and tree calendar writing script; She Who brought the writing script to Egypt; She Who wanders across the earth; Divine White Cow; the Moon amidst the stars; the Moon as rain-bringer; Horned Maiden; Orgiastic Nymph of summer; Eponymou ancestress of the Ionians (`Children of Io'); Eponym of the Ionian Sea.
{Note: with regard to Her bringing of the script: the Egyptians were using their hieroglyphic script as early as 3000 BCE. It's thought possible they adopted the idea, but not the script itself, from the Sumerians.}
She may have been a deity Who was worshipped in primitive times as a cow.

To Whom Sacred: alder (which in Ireland is sometimes called 'Gaurdian-of-milk' -- milk pails were made of it); pear-tree (She is called the Daughter of Peiren who made the first image of Hera out of a pear-tree at Tiryns); willow; violet, plant and flower (in Greek ion); wryneck (the messenger who attracted Zeus to Her arms); woodpecker; crane; white-heifer (and cattle in general); gadfly; gadfly-dance; horned altars; the 5 vowels and the consonants 'B' and 'T' (She invented them); the number 7; cornucopia; the colours white, violet-red, black (as cow, She changed Her colours as the moon changes).
Male Associates: son, (by Zeus), Epaphus, ----, the supposed founder of Memphis, identified with Apis. Son, some say Dionysus (others say She was his nurse). Some say Io, Exalted-Moon, was nurse to the infant Zeus! Consort, Telegonus.
Perhaps sometimes Nymph in triple Goddess form with:
Maiden: Amaltheia, Tender, Who is linked with Aega, Wild-Goat.
and Crone: Adrasteia, Inescapable-One, Who is linked with Nemesis, Inescapable-One.
Source: Davies EH 10, 40; Graves GMv1 40, 42, 56-7, 182-3, 191-2, 236-7; Graves WG50, 62, 67, 170-1, 173, 233, 239, 441; Kravitz WWGRM 128.
Amazons, Without-Breasts.

Geography/Culture: Asia Minor.

Anteia, {Flowering}.

Geography/Culture: Greek?
Linguistic Note: perhaps from antheia, 'flowering'.
Description: Her Daughters, said to have been divinely afflicted with madness and Who went raging on the mountains assualting travellers, were probably a destructive triad aspect of Herself. Their madness spread to the Argive women.
Male Associates: Bellerophon. Consort, Proteus, (which seems to be another name for Orphion, the demiurge) King of Tiryns.

Perhaps the triad form of Anteia:
Lysippe, She-Who-Lets-Loose-the-Horses, Eldest Daughter, Mother of Amazons.
Iphinoe, Mighty-Intelligence, (variant: Hipponoe, Horse-Wisdom).
Iphianassa, Mighty-Queen (also called Cyrianassa, Queen-of-Chieftans), Youngest Daughter.
Source: Graves GMv1 234, 252.
Bouceros, {Cow-Eyes}.

Geography/Culture: Greek?

Callithyia, ----.

Geography/Culture: Greek.

Cyrianessa, Queen-of-Chieftans.

Geography/Culture: Greek.

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