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Oreithyia, She-Who-Rages-Upon-the-Mountains.
[to Whom the seventeenth day of July, day 198, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek: Athenian.
Description: Goddess of mountains, the north wind, the passion of love and compulsive behaviors.
To Whom Sacred: snake; horse; north-wind; whirling dance; basket (containing phallic objects).
Male Associate: rapist/consort, Boreas, ----.

Source: Graves GMv1&2; Howe 65.
Cleopatra, Glory-of-Her-Father.

Geography/Culture: Greek.

    Her numerous epiphanies:
  1. Mother of, or alternate name for, or Daughter of Oreithyia, She-Who-Rages-Upon-the-Mountains, above.
  2. Daughter of Marpessa, Snatcher, and Idas, ----. In this manifestation Her consort is Meleager, ----, by whom She is Mother of Polydora, {Many-Gifts}.
  3. One of the Danaides, Those-Who-Judge, Who are linked with the Telchines, Enchanters.
  4. Daughter of Callirrhoe, Fair-Flowing, (Who is linked with Bendis, {Wave-of-the-Deep}) and Tros, ----.
  5. The name of seven Queens of Egypt.
Source: Graves GMv1 45.2; Howe HCM 64; Kravitz WWGRM 62.
worked on: July 1990; August 1991; June, July 1995.
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