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Eurynome, Wide-Wandering.
Alternate meanings: Wide-Rule, Wide-Ruling, With-Broad-Pastures.
[to Whom the twenty-fourth day of October, day 297, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek. Arcadia. Pelasgian. Orphic.
Linguistic Note: a Greek rendering of an original [unknown] Pelasgain name.
Description: Very ancient Great Goddess of all; Creatrix of the universe; Queen of the circling Universe; Ruler of heaven, earth, and sea; She Who is the visible moon; perhaps originally a Dragoness.
To Whom Sacred: dove.
Iconography: At Phigalia in Arcadia, She was represented as half-woman, half-fish.
Male Associates: Consort Orphion, (before Cronos). Son: Atabyrius, Spirit-of-the-Year, (though some say he is the son of Althaia).

Triple Eurynome
first person (Herself), Eurynome, Wide-Wandering
second person, Eurybia, Wide-Strength
third person, Eurydice, Wide-Justice
Source: GR.GMv1/128; GR.WG/62, 179, 333; KD.WWGRM/98.
Althaia, She-Who-Makes-Grow.
Alternate meanings: Healer, Marshmallow.

Geography/Culture: Greek: Calydonia, Aetolia.
Linguistic Note: from Greek alpha-lambda-theta-eta-tau-omicron, (altheto), 'to make whole and sound'. Or from Greek althaia, 'marshmallow', from althainein, 'to cure', since the Greeks credited the marshmallow with healing virtue.
Description: Goddess of the moon and birth.
To Whom Sacred: marshmallow (the first flower of spring from which bees suck honey); vine; blue-wattled guinea-hen, it's clucking sounds were taken to be sounds of mourning (into which Artemis is said to have turned all but two of Althaia's Daughters); fire-brand (the Moirae foretold Meleager's death as the fire-brand burned away).
Male Associates: sons, Toxeus, Meleager, Guinea-Fowl, by consort Oeneous, Vinous, or some say by Mars. Lover: Dionysus.

Source: Graves WG 237, 333-4; New Larousse EM 126.
Asterie, She-of-the-Sun.
Alternate meaning: She-of-Sun-and-the-Starry-Sky.

Geography/Culture: Greek: Delos.
Linguistic Note: from Greek alpha-sigma-tau-epsilon-rho-omicron-epsilon-iota-sigma, 'starry, like a star'.
Description: Goddess of the sky, stars and sun; Queen of heaven; Creatrix of the planetary powers; Eponym of the Island of Delos {presumably an earlier name}.
To Whom Sacred: quail; {astronomy}.
Male Associates: sons Oenomaus, Solitary-Bird-of-Omen by Mars; Diomedes, Godlike-Cunning-of-Argos by Atlas, He-Who-Dares (or He-Who-Suffers).

Source: Graves GMv1 295; ibid GMv2 32, 122.
Eurybia, Wide-Strength.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: Goddess and ruler of the sea.

Source: Graves GMv1 128; Graves WG 333.
Iahu, Exalted-Dove.

Geography/Culture: Sumerian.

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