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Index of HER Sons, Lovers, Consorts, etc.


Abel, Born-Only-to-Die. Son of Eve.
Adam, ---. Consort of Eve
Adonis, Lord, vegetation God. Consort (? or lover?) of Aphrodite.
Aeacus, Bewailing, or Earth-Born. Consort of Endeis qv Theia
Aenaes, Praiseworthy. Deified in Rome as Jupiter-Indiges. Son of Aphrodite.
Aeolus, Earth-Destroyer. God of the winds. Consort of Enarete qv Alycone. Raped Menalippe qv Theia.
Ahti, ---, God of waters. Consort of Vellamo qv Vete-Ema.
Ahriman, ---, (or Angra-Mainya), the spirit of destruction. Son of Zurvan-Akarana. Az is his very essence. He is also associated with Jeh.
Aigipan, [All-Goat]. Son of Aega.
Aleyin, ---. Go to Baal.
Ama-No-Oshiho-Mimi, son of Amaterasu-Omikami.
Amphictyon, Fastener-Together. Founder of the Amphictyonic League, perhaps the name of the chief priest. Masculinzation of Amphictyonis. Consort of Crane qv Amphictyonis. Son of Pyrrha qv Amphictyonis.
Amphion, With-the-Moon-on-Either-Side-of-Him, son of Antiope. See also Dioscuri.
Amphissus, some say son of Dryope Oak-Face, by Apollo.
Amphitryon, Harassing-on-either-side, first consort of Alcmene.
Amurru, ---. God of the west. Consort of Qadesh qv Anath.
Anchises, Living-with-Isis. Lover of Aphrodite.
Anthedon, Rejoicing-in-Flowers, title of the Cretan spring-flower hero incarnate in every Late Minoan King. Perhaps consort of Antheia.
Anthas, Flowery. Fathered by Poseidon, son of Alcyone (2).
Anu, of Erech, chief god of the highest heaven. Consort of Anatu (qv Anna-Nin), Ashratum (qv Asherah), Ishtar.
Apollo, Destroyer, or Apple-Man. Seducer of Menalippe qv Theia. Some say father of Amphissus, by Dryope Oak-Face.
Ares, Male-Warrior, war God. Lover of Aphrodite.
Asclepious, (variant Asclepius, Unceasingly-Gentle. Associated with Hecate; consort/father of Hygeia Health-Bringer.
Asopus, [Never-Silent], river god. Consort of Metope qv Antiope.
Athamas, Reaper-on-High. Son of Enarete qv Alcyone
Athtar, [He-Who-Irrigates]. God manifest in the planet Venus. Probably the origin of Ishtar's warlike qualities and therefore associated with Dilbah.
Avalokiteshvara, He-Who-Hears-the-Cries-of-the-World. Indian bodhisattva of compassion who became the Chinese Goddess of Compassion, Kuan-Shih-Yin. In India he is the consort of Tara.


Baal, Lord, (also called Aleyin). Fertility god of water and the waxing year. Brother/consort/son of Anath.
Barbarossa, the sleeping king in the mountain. Male associate of Hulda Beloved-Hill-Lady
Bel, another name forEnlil.
Blood-clot-Boy, son of Ohoyo-Osh-Chishba.
Bran, Crow, (or Raven), and Alder, brother of Branwen. Son of Iweridd, qv Branwen, by consort Llyr-Lladiath, Llyr-of-the-Foreign-Dialect.
Buri. Associated with Authumla.


Cain, ---. Son of Eve.
Ceberus, Demon-of-the-Pit, hound of hell, associated with Hecate She-Who-Works-From-Afar.
Cecropes, Faces-with-Tails. Sons of Theia.
Celeus, King of Eleusis--who represents one of the priestly heads of the Amphictyonic League. Consort of Metaneira qv Iambe.
Ceyx, Sew-Mew, son of the morning star. Consort of Alcyone.
Charun, Fierce-Brightness. His companions and helpers are the Vanths, qv Culsu.
Cheiron, Hand. Consort of Chariclo qv Theia.
Crethus, Ruler. Son of Enarete qv Alcyone.
Crisus, ---. Son of Endeis qv Theia.
Culhwch,. Consort of Olwen.


Dagda, The-Good. Lover/consort of Boann.
Deion, Despoiler. Son of Enarete qv Alcyone.
Derwydd, Oak-Seer (i.e. druid). Lover of Druantia Queen-of-the-Oak.
Deucalion, Sweet-Wine. Consort of Pyrrha qv Amphictyonis.
Dionysus, Lame-God. God of the vine, and wine. Lover of Aphrodite. Son of Dione Bright-Sky, by Zeus. Male associate of the Hyades Rainy-Ones, Who were his Nurses.
Dioscuri, Sons-of-Zeus, the morning and evening star, or the sacred king and his tanist, worshipped with white horses. Sons of Antiope by Zeus rape.


Ea,, {He-who-is-Housed-in-Water}. Babylonian god of the Waters, particularly associated with the city of Eridu. Consort of Dam-Kina. See alsoMarduk.
Efnissyen, Son of Penarddun, qv, Branwen.
Enki, Lord-of-That-Which-is-Below, title of Ea.
El, ---. In Jerusalem consort of Anath.
Enlil, Sumero-Babylonian god of the air, wind and storms. Sometimes regarded as son of Anu. Assimilated by Marduk. (variants: Ellil, En-lil). Consort of Nin-Lil. Everes, ---. Lover or consort of Chariclo qv Theia.
Epopeus, He-Who-Sees-All, King of Sicyon. First consort of Antiope.
Eros, Erotic-Love. Son of Aphrodite.


Father-Sun, Mayan. Consort of Alaghom-Naom.


Gucumatz, the feathered snake, civilizing and agricultural god, son of Hun-Ahpu-Myte by Alaghom-Naom. {Something wrong here, see Hun-apu-Vuch}
Gwern, Alder. King of Ireland. Son of Branwen by Her consort: Matholwch, King of Ireland,


Hapi, ---. Egypt. Divine Shehe of the Nile.
Helios, The-Sun. Son of Theia,
Haroeris, falcon God, whose eyes were the sun and the moon. Also known as Horus, the Elder. The son, and or consort of, Hat-Hor.
Heracles, Glory-of-Hera. Son of Alcmene, fathered by Zeus, foster-son of Hera qv Alcmene. Heracles, consort of Hebe She-Who-Removes-From-Sight.
Hephaestus, He-Who-Shines-By-Day, smith god. Consort of Aphrodite.
Hermes, [though surely Mercury is meant]. Consort of Lara. Some say father of Pan, by Dryope, Oak-Face.
Hippasus, Horseman. Son of Alcyone (1).
Horus, the Younger. Latinization of Egyptian Hor, Face. Son of Isis.
Hun-Ahpu-Myte, ---, father of Gucumatz by Alaghom-Naom. {Something wrong here - see next}
Hun-apu-Vuch, Grandfather, god of the sun. Consort of Hun-Ahpu-Myte qv Alaghom-Naom.
Hyperion, The-One-Above, sun god. Brother/consort of Theia.
Hypernor, Overbearing. Fathered by Poseidon, son of Alcyone (2).
Hyrieus, Of-the-Bee-Hives, fathered by Lycus or Poseidon, son of Alcyone (2).


Ifa, ---, god of divination, one of Oshun's lovers.
Iphicles, Famous-Might, fathered by Amphitryon, son of Alcmene.


Joachim, consort (in Her christianised form) of Anne, Gracious-One. (In early Christianity She conceived without the action of man).
Jupiter, also called Jove,. Brother/consort of Juno.
Jupiter-Indiges, qv Aenaes or Aphrodite.


Kamrusepas, ---. Hittite. Divine magician. Associated with Hannahannas. {Is it possible the element -sepas is related to Sapas, even Kamru- to Keret, qv below, as though a meaning of: Arms-of-the-Sun, ie. the magic of the sun's rays, might be created for his name?}
Karttikeya, God of war. Associated with the Krttikas qv Ambika.
Keret, ---. Mesopotamian: Phoenicia. Soldier of Sapas, Sun Goddess, qv Anath.
Khnemu, (Khnum,) ---. Associated with Satis and Anuket qv.
Khnum, consort of Anuket, She-Who-Embraces. {one or other of Khumn, or Khnum is probably a typo}.
Khumn, sometimes said to be consort of Heket, Great-Magician. See also Shu {one or other of Khumn, or khnum is probably a typo}.
Kittu, ---, God of justice. Son of Aa.
Krstnik, Christ, a mortal loved by a Vila, qv Rozanica.


Ladon, serpent coiled around apple-tree, male associate of the Hesperides, Western-Ones.
Lao-Tzu, The-Old-Master, god of blacksmiths, lover of Tao-Mu.
Lares, [Progenitors], fertility gods of the home, two in number, who also gaurded people. Sons of Lara or Mania qv Angerona.
Llyr, The-Sea, (the original of King Lear). Consort of Penarddun, qv Branwen.
Lycus, Wolf. Perhaps lover of Alcyone (2). The name of both consort and son of Dirce qv Antiope.


Macareus, Happy. Son of Enarete qv Alcyone.
Manawyddan, (identical to Gaelic Manannan Mac Lir, god of the sea and the underworld. Son of Penarddun, qv Branwen.
Manes, ---, (or Keres, ---), good spirits of the dead. Sons of Lara or Mania qv Angerona.
Mars, son of Jupiter.
Marduk, son of Dam-Kina, Lady-of-the-Earth. See also Ea. Matholwch, King of Ireland. Consort of Branwen, father of Gwern.
Melisseus, Honey-Man, masculinization of Melissa qv Aega.
Menelaus, consort of Helene, Bright-Moon, in literary figure form.
Merlin, male associate of Rhiannon, Great-Queen.
Misharu, ---, God of law. Son of Aa.
Mithra, ---, God of waters. Consort of, or associated with Anahita.
Mot, Death, Spirit of harvest, god of sterility and the waning year. Adversary of Anath by whom he is slain.
Mu-Kung, ---, consort of Hsi-Wang-Mu.


Native, Produced-by-Nature, son of Nature. {Crystalization of Holladay Paganism}.
Nation, The-People-of-the-Earth, son(s) of Nature. {Crystalization of Holladay Paganism}.
Naubolus, ---. Son of Endeis, qv Theia.
Nereus, Wet-One. Consort of Doris qv Thetis.
Nim-Ac, [Twice-Father], male counterpart of Nima-Tziis, [Twice-Mother].
Ningirsu, Sumero-Babylonian god of rain and fertility, son of Enlil. Consort of Bau (qv Gula-Bau).
Ningursu, Babylonian. {perhaps variant of above}.
Ninib, is given as a variant of Ningursu in one source, while another says Ninib is an erroneous reading for Ninurta.
Ninurta, Throne-Carrier, Sumero Babylonian god of rain and fertility, son of Enlil. {I wonder why Enlil has two sons both gods of rain and fertility}.
Nissyen, son of Penarddun, qv Branwen.


Oceanos, Of-the-Swift-Queen, God of the sea. Lover of Theia.
Odysseus. Associated with Circe.
Oenopion, consort of Helice, [Spiraling-One].
Ogun, ---, god of iron. One of Oshun's consorts.
Ometecuhtli. Consort of Omecihuatl.
Orestheus, Dedicated-to-the-Mountain-Goddess. Son of Pyrrha qv Ampnictyonis.
Orishala, ---. One of Oshun's lovers.
Ormazd, The-Wise-Lord, (or Ahura-Mazda), the spirit of good. Son of Zurvan-Akarana. His consort was "the Sky", by Whom he fathered Spenta-Aramaiti.
Osanyinu, ---, god of medicine. One of Oshun's lovers.
Osiris, --- brother/consort of Isis.


Pan, Pasture, may have fathered Aigipan. Some say son of Dryope, Oak-Face, by Hermes.
Panopeous, All-Viewing, or Full-Moon. Son of Endeis qv Theia.
Phaethon, brother of the Heliades, Daughters-of-the-Sun.
Peleus, Muddy. Perhaps the title of a sacred king after he's been anointed with sepia. Son of Endeis qv Theia. Son of Thetis.
Perieres, Surrounded-by-Entrenchments. Son of Enarete qv Alcyone.
Phasis, ---. Son of Menalippe qv Theia.
Phocus, Seal. Consort of Endeis qv Theia. Second consort of Antiope.
Pittheus, Pine-God. Masuclinization of Pitthea qv Antheia.
Poseidon, He-Who-Gives-To-Drink-From-the-Wooded-Mountains. Lover of Alcyone (2).
Priapus, Pruner-of-the-Pear-Tree. Son of Aphrodite.
Purusa, ---. Consort of Prakrti.



Rex-Nemorensis, King-of-the-Grove, also called Virbius. Priest of Diana, Divine-Queen.
Rhadamanthys, Divining-with-a-Wand, one of the three judges of the dead; he lives in the Elysian fields. Second consort of Alcmene.
Robigus, ---. Roman. Consort of Flora.


Salmoneus, Beloved-of-the-Goddess-Salma. Son of Enarete qv Alcyone.
Sama-el, (title) lord of death. Sacred king and consort of Hannahannas, Grandmother.
Sangarius, Fit-for-Canoes, river God. Perhaps lover of Metope qv Antiope.
Set, see Seth
Seth, ---. Variant: Set. Consort of Anat qv Anath.
Shamash, ---, of Sippar, sun god, consort of Aa.
Shango, ---. One of Oshun's consorts.
Shopona, ---, god of smallpox. One of Oshun's consorts.
Shu, sometimes said to be consort of Heket, Great-Magician. See also Khumn.
Sisyphus, Very-Wise. Son of Enarete qv Alcyone.
Siva, Consort of Annapurna (as benevolent form of Durga).
Surya, Stimulator, sun god, consort of Usas.
Susa-no-wo, ---. God of the sea, or some say, the subterranean world. Brother/Consort of Amaterasu-Omikami.


Teiresias, He-Who-Delights-in-Signs. Son of Chariclo qv Theia.
Telemon, ---. Son of Endeis qv Theia.
Telipinu, ---. Hittite. God of fertility. Associated with Hannahannas.
Teshub, consort of Hepat Earth-Mother.
Tezcatlipocas, sons of Ometecuhtli.
Thou. Male aspect of the Divine Thou, The-Self-Addressed. {Crystalization of Holladay Paganism}.
Tung-Wang-Kung, Lord-King-of-the-East, consort of Hsi-Wang-Mu.


Ugra, Powerful-One. Consort of Diksa, Consecration.
Urashima-Taro. Associated with Oto-Hime


Vishnu. Associated with Vac.
Virbius, ---. See Rex-Nemorensis.
Vulcan, ---. Associated with Vesta.



Xpiyacoc, [Sorcerer], god of crafts. Associated with Xmucane qv Alaghom-Naom.


Yahweh, ---, in Elephantine consort of Anath.
Yu-Ti, ---, consort of Wang-Mu-Niang-Niang qv Hsi-Wang-Mu.


Zethus, Seeker. Son of Antiope. See also Dioscuri.
Zeus, Bright-Sky. Consort of Hera. He may have fathered Aigipan on Aega. His wet-nurses were Aega, Amalthea and Melissa. He fathered Heracles on Alcmene while disguised as Amphitryon, Her consort. He Raped Antiope in the form of a satyr.