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Electra, Bright-One.
Alternate meanings: Amber, Beaming, Unmarried.
[to Whom the seventh day of October, day 280, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek, especially Samothrace, where She is generally thought to dwell.
Linguistic Note: feminine of Elector which in Homer is a name for Helios. Related English words: electricity (and derived words), electron.
Description: Maiden Goddess of the sun, the stars and the sea; She Who as the sea is provider of that anciently highly valued product, amber; Mother of tempests, gusts of wind and rainbows; Eponym of the Electra Gate at Thebes, and the fabulous island Electris; {Queen of electricity and magnetism; Matron of electricians}.
She is closely connected with the old constellation worship and the Cabeiri.
To Whom Sacred: dove; amber; the faintest star in the Pleiades constellation (it is said She lost Her brilliance after the fall of Troy); {friction}; {electricity}; {static electricity}; {hair -- because it generates static electricity}; comet.
Male Associates: consort, Thaumas; sons, Dardanus and Iasion, Healing-Moon-Man (Iasios, identified with Eetion, was probably a very old godling of agriculture) by violator Zeus, or by consort Corythus. In some traditions these were names of the Cabeiri.

Source: BT.AF/210; GF.GM/25, 91; Graves GMv1 128; ibid GMv2 262; 154; Kravitz WWGRM/41, 94; KK.GG/40, 61; KK.GSM/4; RHJ.HGM/53, 94, 250.
Electryo, The-Brilliant.

Geography/Culture: Greek?
Description: {Emphasize connection with the sun, and the idea of electricity made from the sun's light}

Source: GM.FG/85, 130; GMv1/157.
Rhodos, Rose.

Geography/Culture: Rhodes.
Description: Eponym Goddess of the island of Rhodes.

Strategis, {War-Leader}.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: strate(ta)gis, of the general. Strate(ta)gos, 'the leader or commander of an army'. Related English word: strategy, etc.

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