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Heliades, Daughters-of-the-Sun.

[to Whom the eighteenth day of May, day 138, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greece: Post-Homeric.
Linguistic Note: See Helice Linguistic Note:. Lampete's name, one of the first two Heliades, comes from the Greek. lampein, `torch`, `to shine`. Related English words: lamp, lantern.
Description: Multiple golden Goddess of the sun, its light and the illuminated sky; Guardians and herders of the Sun's cattle; Those Who Harness the sun's horses; Those of that mysterious femininity, helpfulness and sisterly warmth which may be percieved in the Sun in addition to Eris fatherliness; {Matrons of painters and musicians}.
Perhaps the name for colleges of priestesses, located in sepulchral island groves (formed of water-loving white poplars and alders), who officiated at the oracles of tribal kings.
To Whom Sacred: white poplar (symbol of resurrection--into which some say the Daughters of Neaera and Clymene were transformed after the death of their brother, Phaëthon); alder (associated with fire--into which others say they were transformed); Horses (the Daughters of Neaera yoke the white horses of the sun); Amber (congealed light--their tears of grief at Phaëthon's death became amber, probably referring to the resin exuded by poplars rather than the fossil resin of true amber; resin is used in the manufacture of turpentine, varnish and rosin).
Male Associate: Phaëthon, Shining.
Composed of the first Two:
Phaethus, FA3US, Bright-Being or She-Who-Illuminates and Lampete, L*MPATA, Brightness-of-the-Year.
Who herd and guard the sun god's cattle, and harness his horses each morning.
Daughters of Neaera, The-new-One, or Illuminator, by Helios.
and the next Three
Aigiale, Of-the-Sea-Shore. Aigle, Dazzling-Light. Aitheria, Bright-Sky.
Daughters of Clymene, The-Gracious, by Helios.
and the second Two
Circe, Circling-One and Pasiphae (linked under Daphoine), She-Who-Shines-For-All.
Daughters of Perse (lined under Theia), Destroyer, by Helios.
and the last making Them Seven-fold
Electryo, The-Brilliant, linked under Electra.
Daughter of Rhode, [Rose], linked under Electra.
Source: GMv1.RG/115, 156-7; GMv2.RG/index; GSM.KK/1-19; NLEM/142-3; WWGRM/114. Im: "White poplar (Populus alba): details of leaves, bark, winter silhouette, seed capsules, and male flowers". EA67.
Atalanta, Unswaying.

Alternate meanings: Impassable-One.
Geography/Culture: Greek: Pre-Hellenic Boeotia, Arcadia.
Description: Virgin swift-footed huntress; Goddess of the wildness, mountain vastnesses (perhaps also originally, of death) and the predatorial chase; Creatress of mountain springs; {Matron of female athletes}.
To Whom Sacred: apple; bear; boar; lion; bow and arrows; spear; foot-racing; wrestling.
Male Associates: consort, Meleanion, Black-Moon-Man, also called {or perhaps someone else}, Hippomenes, Horse-Might; son, Parthenopaeus, Son-of-a-Pierced-Maidenhead.
Clymene, The-Gracious.

Alternate meaning: Famous-Might.
Geography/Culture: Greek.
Male Associate: Consort: Helios.

worked on: August 6, 1991; August 7, 1991; May 1995.
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