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Thetis, Disposer.
[to Whom the eleventh day of July, day 192, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek: perhaps especially Aeolian.
Description: Both Thetis and Tethys are derived from tithenai, 'to dispose, to order'.
Description: Great Shapeshifting Creatrix of the universe; Mother of Deities and of all living creatures; She of the silver feet; Goddess of the night, the moon and the wet element, especially the sea; She Who is the vast sea itself and its ruler; Guardian of womanhood.
To Whom Sacred: wryneck; sea-food regarded as an aphrodisiac; hippocampus (mythical sea-beast: foreparts: horse - rearparts: fish or dragon); cauldron (of immortality); the planet Venus; the number 8.
Her forms as shapeshifter: fire; water; lion; snake; cuttle-fish.
Male Associates: consort, Peleus, ----. Hero son, Achilles, ----.

Source: Image: Guirand GM 94. {Check refs Graves WG 88, 128, 207, 228, 239, 318, 360, 390.}
Calypso, She-Who-Conceals.

Geography/Culture: Greek: especially the island of Ogygia.
Linguistic Note: Greek: kappa-alpha-lambda-upsilon-psi-omega (kalypso), from kappa-alpha-lambda-upsilong-pi-tau-omega, (kalypto), 'to cover'. Said to have been so called because She hid Ulysses.
Description: A sea nymph.
To Whom Sacred: {orchid calypso bulbosa (having a pinkish flower with slipper-shaped lip)}; {calypso (the type of music originating in Trinidad)}; the number seven (She delayed Odysseus on Her island for seven years).
Male Associates: Odysseus; Ulysses (whom She hid on his return from Troy); father, Atlas.

Source: AHDEL; Liddell & Scott IGEL6th.
Doris, Bountiful.

Geography/Culture: Greek: Dorian.
Description: Goddess of the sea; Ancestress of the Dorians.
Male Associates: brother/consort, Nereus. Lover{?}, Oceanus.

Source: Kravitz WWGRM 227-8.
Endeis, Entangler.

Geography/Culture: Greek: especially the island of Aegina. Perhaps originally Cretan.
Linguistic Note: endeis is a synonym for 'cuttle-fish'.
To Whom Sacred: cuttle-fish; {sepia ink (obtained from cuttle-fish)}; the number 8 (symbol of fertility in the Mediterranean - cuttle-fish have eight arms).
Male Associates: sons, Peleus and Telemon by consort Aeacus; Crisus, Naubolus and Panopaeus by consort Phocus.

Source: Graves GMv1 214, 274; Kravitz WWGRM 58, 88, 100, 153. 220.
Nereides, Wet-Ones.

Geography/Culture: Greek: especially, or only, of the Mediterranean.
Description: Multiple Goddess of the serene and smiling sea.
Although in classical literature They were conceived of as fifty semi-divine spirits of the ocean, the name may also, or originally, have referred to any college of fifty priestesses of Thetis, Disposer, or Doris, Bountiful.

About 40 make table of 3 to a row? Some of Their Names Actaee, Agave, Amatheia, Amphinome, Amphithoe, Amphitrite, Apseudes, Callianassa, Callianeira, Clymene, Creusa, Cymodoce, Cymothoe, Dexamene, Doris, Doto, Dynamene, Erato, Eudora, Galatea, Glauce, Halie, Iaera, Ianassa, Ianeira, Limnoreia qv Limnaia, Maera, Melite, Nemertes, Nereis, Nesaea, Oreithyia, Panope, Pasithea, Pherusa, Proto, Psamanthe, Speio, Thalia, Thetis, Thoe.
Callianeira, She-Who-is-Fair-and-New.

Geography/Culture: Greek.

href Creusa, Sovereign-Being.

Geography/Culture: Greek.

Source: Graves GMv1 128; Kravitz WWGRM 19, 163.
Nereis, Wet-One.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: Goddess of waters and the wet element.

Source: Graves GMv1 128.
Oceanides, {Daughters-of-the-Swift-Queen}.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: from Greek Omega-kappa-epsilon-alpha-nu-iota-nu-eta, (Okeanine), 'daughter of Ocean', but Graves translates Oceanus as 'of the Swift Queen', though elsewhere he derives Tethys and Thetis from the same source and translates both as Disposer.
Description: Three-thousand (some say or four-thousand) shapeshifting Nymph Goddesses of the great Ocean.

Some (17) of Their names: Aithra, Amphitrite, Asia, Perhaps Callirrhoe. Calypso, see above. Clymene, Perhaps Clytia. Dione, Doris, Europe, Eurynome, Electra, Metis, Ourania, Perseis, Pleione, Pluto, Styx,

Source: Graves GMv2 index; IGEL 905; Kravitz WWGRM 167, 217.
Tethys, Disposer.
Alternate meaning: {Swift-Queen}.

Geography/Culture: Greek?
Linguistic Note: Probably a variant of Thetis, see Her linguistic notes, and see also Oceanides linguistic notes.
Description: Creatrix; Goddess of the sea; Mother of all rivers, fountains and streams.
To Whom Sacred: the planet Venus.
Male Associate: consort Oceanus, Of-the-Swift-Queen.

Source: Graves WG 160-161, 219; Kravitz WWGRM 223; Stutley HDH 320.
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