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Concordia, {Synthesis-of-Minds}.
Alternate meanings: With-the-Heart, Agreement.
[to Whom the twenty-second day of August, day 234, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Roman. A temple was erected to Her in 367 [A.D.?] at the time when the plebians won political equality. It served as a state museum.
Linguistic Note: from Latin concors, 'with the heart, mind'. Related English words: concord, accord, courage.
Description: Goddess of harmony, urban unity, consensus {and democracy}.
To Whom Sacred: olive-branch; {grass}; {wandering-jew}; {salt (as in 'salt of the earth'}; museums.
Iconography: She is generally seated, holding an olive-branch.

She sometimes forms a triad with:
Pax, Peace and Salus, {Wholeness}.
Source: AHDEL; GRARE/8, 26, 35; NLEM/214; Vermeule GRARE 8, 26, 35.
Harmonia, Concord-of-Sound.
Alternate meanings: Stringing-Together

Geography/Culture: Greek: especially Thebes in Boiotia, and Samothrace.
Linguistic Note: roughtbreath-alpha-rho-mu-omincron-nu-iota-alpha, (harmonia), 'joining, joint, agreement, harmony', perhaps from the root har, see Har's Linguistic Note, under Kilili-Mushritu, She-Who-Leans-Out-Invitingly. Perhaps there is a pun on roughbreath-omicron-mu-monicron-nu, (hormon), 'cord, chain, especially a necklace'.
Description: Goddess of order, civic unity, music and the love than unites all people; Bringer of peace.
To Whom Sacred: serpent (into which She and Cadmus were transformed after their death); hormon, 'necklace' (Her marriage gift, made by Hephaestus, that brought misfortune to its possessors, {to Her as well?}).
Male Associates: consort, Cadmus; lover {?}, Zeus.

Source: Bernal BAv2/103; EBv12/955; IGEL/118; Walker WEMS/374.
Harma, {She-Who-Joins}.
Alternate meanings: She-Who-Brings-Together.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: perhaps from harma,'chariot and horses', 'the yoked chariot', also 'the team of horses'.
Description: Goddess of the love that culminates in marriage.

Source: EB/Aphrodite; IGEL/117.
Clementia, {Compassionate-One}.

Geography/Culture: Roman. A temple to Her was erected in 44 BCE.
Linguistic Note: Latin clemens, 'mild, gentle'. Related English words: clemency, etc.
Description: Mild and gentle Goddess of leniency and mercy; She Who personifies one of the four cardinal virtues of Rome.
To Whom Sacred: olive; {clematis}; cornucopia; patera.
Iconography: She holds an olive branch, cornucopia, or patera in Her extended right hand, sceptre or staff in Her left. Sometimes She wears a diadem and veil.

Source: Vermeule GRARE 8, 11, 25-6.
Pax, Peace.

Geography/Culture: Roman. Pax had a temple in Rome which, like the temple of Concordia, served as a state museum. {Could it have been the same temple?}
Description: She Who is allied to the spirit of clemency extended to the conquered.
Note: Surely there must be more to the Goddess of peace than merely this!
To Whom Sacred: olive branch; cornucopia; sceptre.

Source: Vermeule GRARE 8, 26, 35
worked on: August, July 1995; February 1992; August 1991; July 1990.
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