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Europe, Wide-Eyed-One.
Alternate meanings: She-of-the-Wide-Eyes, She-of-the-Broad-Countenance, She-of-the-Broad-Face, She-of-the-Flourishing-Willow-Withies, Well-Watered.
[to Whom the twenty-third day of October, day 296, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Crete, abducted from Phoenicia.
Linguistic Note: if the word is not eur-ope but eu-rope (on the analogy of euboea) it may also mean, 'good for willows', that is, 'well-watered'.
Description: Winged Mother Goddess of the moon, especially the full moon, and the sea; Rider of the tricoloured lunar bull; Eponym of Europe; Mother of kings; She Who was beheld by Her ravisher while She was picking flowers on the sea shore.
To Whom Sacred: fish; flower; grape-laden vine-branch; crocus (the bull's breath smelt of crocus, perhaps indicating spring); willow (She was ravished in a willow-thicket); plane-tree (some say ravished beneath, or on top of, a plane-tree); eagle (in the form of which Zeus ravished Her); lunar-bull (on which She sometimes rides, and the form in which Zeus carried Her away and in which, according to some, he ravished Her); osier basket; Dictaean cave (sometimes thought to be the place of ravishment).
Conjugal gifts from Zeus: never-failing spear; brazen dog; Talos, 'The-Sun', a brazen giant who gaurded the island of Crete to which She was abducted.
Iconography: She rides side-saddle on a tricoloured bull; holds a fish, flower or hoop (probably a necklet) in Her hand. Sometimes She carries vine-branches laden with grapes.
Festival: May-eve fertility ritual during which Her May-garland was carried in procession, while the Moon-priestess rode on the Sun-bull, Her victim.
Male Associates: sons Minos, ----, Rhadamanthys, ----, and Sarpedon, ----, by ravisher Zeus, ----, the Cretan Sky-God. Consort: Asterius, King-of-the-Stars. If She was Mother of the Danaides, Those-Who-Judge, Their cogenitor was: Danaus.

Source: Graves GMv1 194, 195, 197, 292, 392; ibid GMv2 45; KC.GG/40, 61, 108-10, 112.
Telephaessa, Far-Shiner.
Alternate meanings: Far-Shining.

Geography/Culture: Early Greek.
Description: Goddess of light and the moon.
Male Associates: sons Cadmus, ----, Phoenix, ----, Cilix, ----, Thasus, ----, and Phineus, ----.

Source: Graves GMv1 194; KC.GG 109.
worked on: September, June 1995; August 1991; July 1990.
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