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Pleiades, Sailing-Ones.
Alternate meanings: Flock-of-Doves, {Daughters-of-Pleione}.
[to Whom the thirtieth day of June, day 181, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek: Aeolian, Mount Cyllene in Arcadia.
Description: Seven-fold Goddess of the sea in all moods from tranquility to violent storm.
To Whom Sacred: dove; kingfisher; the constellation Pleiades.
Festival: May, the rising of the Pleiades, and the beginning of the navigational year; early in November, the setting of the Pleiades and the end of the navigational year.

Composed of:
Alcyone, Queen-Who-Wards-Off-Storms -- Dione, Queen-of-the-Bright-Sky -- Maia, Wise-One -- Merope, Eloquent --
Pleione, Sailing-Queen -- Sterope, Stubborn-Face -- Taygete, Long-Checked
Source: Graves GMv1 45.3,4; Kravitz WWGRM 193.
Atlantides, {Daughters-of-Atlas}.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: looks like -ides is Greek for 'children', or perhaps specifically 'daughters'. Related English word: Atlantic.

Maia, Wise-One.

Alternate meanings: Good-Mother.

Geography/Culture: Greek: especially Mount Cyllene, in Arcadia.
Linguistic Note: maia, good mother, dame. 2. a foster-mother, nurse. Also a true mother.
Description: Originally Goddess of the night sky.
Later: Nymph Goddess; Maia of the the fair tresses.
To Whom Sacred: cave (in which She lived and bore Hermes); winnowing-basket (used as a cradle for Hermes); fan (possibly a false interpretation of the winnowing-basket in an image).
Male Associates: son, Hermes, ----, psychopomp and God of theives, by lover Zeus, ----. She reared Arcas (or Arcus), perhaps meaning She was his Wetnurse.

Source: Kravitz WWGRM 146; New Larousee EM 99, 123-124, 144; Larousse WM 127, 189.
Pleione, Sailing-Queen.

Alternate meanings: Queen-of-Sailing.

Geography/Culture: Greek: Aeolian.
Description: {She may be the Mother of the Pleiades, one of Whom is called after Her; or perhaps the Pleiades could be conceived of as composed of Mother and Daughters, if so, is there a brightest star in the constellation? Is it named after Her?}
Male Associates: consort, Atlas, ----, the oak hero.

Source: Graves WG 187.
Merope, Eloquent.

Alternate meanings: Eloquence, Bee-Eater.

Geography/Culture: Greek: Aeolian.
Male Associates: rapist, Orion, ----.