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Danae, She-Who-Judges.

Alternate meanings: Dawn, Parched.
[To Whom the twenty-fourth day of April, day 114, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek: Pre-Achean -- Argos ('83 Rand McNally 37.38 n by 22.45 e) to Thessaly ('83 Rand McNally 39.50 by 22.09 e), associated with the Island of Seriphus.
Linguistic Note: Her name was masculinized as Dan, and as Danaus (father of the fifty Danaides, She Herself being Eris own Great-Grand-Daughter!
Description: Goddess of the earth, moon, water and agriculture, especially barley; Inspirer of the inventions of irrigation and well-digging; Mother of people; Earth suffering from drought; Ancestress of the Rutulians.
To Whom Sacred: {milkweed (beloved by monarch butterflies); monarch butterfly (because their latin name is danaidae); the colours yellow, black, white, green, gold]; barley ("shower of gold" -- ie. the riches of the harvest -- or it may refer to rain as necessary to the harvest -- or may refer to a ritual marriage between moon and sun); brazen tower (or dungeon with brazen doors); sieve (for rain-making magic).
Male Associates: Son Perseus, Destroyer, by Zeus, or by Proteus.

Source: Graves GMv1 204, 238, 244; Graves WG.RG 58-9; 67.
Dinah, ----.

Geography/Culture: Semitic? Hebraic?

Source: Graves GMv1/204.
worked on: December, July 1995; July 1991.
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