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Vesta, Sacred-Fire.
Alternate meanings: Hearth.
[to Whom the twenty-eighth day of November, day 332, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Roman. She had a round temple in the forum. Her oldest temple was made of wattle and daub, round in imitation of the shape of the earliest huts of the tribal Latins.
Description: Celibate Goddess of the sun {as hearth of the solar system}; She Who makes possible and represents the sociability of the human species; She Who is immanent in the altar fire, and the domestic hearth-fire; She Who presides over the home and household promoting family unity; tutelary Goddess of the bakers' guild; Refuge of suppliants; Presider over all sacrifice; She to Whom the first and last libations are poured.
Her priestesses are Vestals.
To Whom Sacred: domesticated fire, or fire produced by friction or burning-glass; round temples; eternal altar-flame; horn (symbolizing the penus or store, which was renewed at Her festival).
Festival: June 7 -- Vestalia.
Male Associate: Vulcan.

Source: RM.SP/31.
Hestia, Hearth.
Alternate meanings: She-of-the-Hearth.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: rough-breath-epsilon-sigma-tau-iota-alpha, (hestia).
Description: Celibate Goddess of the hearth, its fire, and the altar fire; Guardian of domesticity; She Who represents idealized maternity; She Whose warm protectiveness and impersonal nurturing love is unconditional.
To Whom Sacred: the public hearths (from which fires colonists carried the flame of the home city to new shores); first fruits; year-old cows; oil; wine.
Iconography: She is veiled and wears a straight full-length robe; She holds the back of Her left wrist to Her hip, and a staff in Her right hand.

Source: FWSDMFL/495.
Caca, ----.

Geography/Culture: Roman. Perhaps pre-Roman.
Description: Ancient Goddess of the hearth.

Source: WWGRM/49.
worked on: October, May 1995; August 1991; June 1990.
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