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Eos, She-of-the-East.
Alternate meaning: Dawn.
[to Whom the twenty-second day of June, day 173, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: Greek 1) eta-omega-sigma, (eos), 'the morning-red, daybreak, dawn'. 2) 'morning, as a time of day'. 3) since the Greeks counted their days by mornings, eos often denoted 'a day'. 4) 'the East'.
Description: Winged Goddess of dawn and the erotic passion it engenders; Rosy-fingered, saffron robed herald of the sun's rising; Mother of the stars and winds; She Who arises from Her ocean bed; She Who carries off beautiful young men to be Her lovers.
It has been suggested that Her inclination to carry off young men is a poetic reference to death, dawn being a time of life's lowest ebb. {But She's never been known to carry off young women!}.
To Whom Sacred: trees; cricket (probably meaning cicada); grasshopper (probably meaning cicada); cicada (because they start up at dawn; they signified immortality to the Greeks who believed them bloodless imbibers of dew); horse (the horses which pull Her chariot are called Phaethon, Shining, and Lampus, Torch); air; the direction east; chariot; saffron robes.
Male Associates: sons by lover/consort: Astraeus, Starry-One: the winds Argestes, {Brightness}, of the East; Boreas, Devouring, of the North; Notus, {Rain-Bringing}, of the South; Zephyrus, {From-the-Region-of-Darkness}, of the West; the morning and evening star Phosphorus, Light-Bringing, and Hesperus, {Of-the-Evening}, and, some say, all the other stars. Sons by lover Cephalus, Head: Tithonus, Partner-of-the-Queen-of-Day, and Phaethon. Sons by lover/consort Tithonus (originally abducted by Her): Emathion, {Learned-One}, King of Arabia; Memnon, Resolute, King of Ethiopia and Phaethon (he was abducted by Aphrodite). Other Lovers abducted by Eos: Orion, Moon-man-of-the-Mountain; Cleitus, Renowned; some say Ganymede, Rejoicing-in-Virility, (who was later taken from Her by Zeus, Bright-Sky). Voluntary Lover: Ares, Male-Warrior. Source: Cooper IETS 36; Funk & Wagnall SDFML 206; Graves GMv1 116, 149-50; Graves WG 437; Kravitz WWGRM 38, 88, 89, 152, 171, 186.
Hemera, Light-of-Day.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: Some say Hemera was Herself, originally a Goddess of dawn.
Titone, Queen-of-the-Day.

Alternate meanings: Daylight's-Queen, Sovereign-Lady.

Geography/Culture: Greek
Linguistic Note: from tito, 'day', plus -onë, 'queen'.
Description: Triple Goddess of daylight.
She Who as Eos, Dawn, arises from Her couch in the east to herald the coming of Her brother Helios; She Who, with the sun's appearance becomes Hemera, Light-of-Day, and Who then accompanies Her brother, the Sun, on his journey across the sky until, as Hespera, Evening-Twilight, She Who announces their safe arrival on the western shores of Ocean.
Male Associate: Brother Helios, The-Sun.
Source: Graves GMv1 149-50; Kravitz 118, 166.
worked on: June, July 1990; August 1991; May, June 1995
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