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Ino, She-Who-Makes-Sinewy.
[to Whom the third day of November, day 307, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Thessaly: Magnesian Centaurs, Pelasgian. Ionian. Her rock-cut image is still (azov 1948) shown near the ancient pinnacle town of Tantalus. Adopted by the Greeks.
Description: Mother Goddess of the Magnesian Centaurs; Reaper on high, Ruler of the harvest moon; Inventrix of corn roasting (though some say causer of famine by this means); She Who reared the young god of wine; with Her sisters Agave and Autonoe, Instigator of wine induced baacchic madness.
To Whom Sacred: dolphin; sea-mew; kingfisher; she-goat; the Molurian rock (from which the sacred king or his surrogate was thrown into the sea); parasol (or paralune); probably male child sacrifice prior to winter sowing.
Male Associates: consort, Athamas, The-King-Dedicated-to-the-Reaper-On-High. Sons, Melicertes, (Hercules-Melkarth), Cutter-of-Honey, and Learchus, . She reared Dionysus, , god of wine.

Source: Funk & Wagnall SDFML 525-6; Graves GMv1 226, 229-30; Graves WG 63, 133; Kerényi GG 259-68. illus: NLEM 154
Agave, The-Sublime.
Alternate meanings: High-Born.

Geography/Culture: Greek: Thebes, Boeotia.
Description: Goddess of the moon, intoxication; Inspirer of the discovery of fermented hops; Ruler of the beer revels and drunken relaxation.
To Whom Sacred: pine; forested mountains; Bacchanalian revelry; {malt; hops; beer}.
Male Associates: son, Pentheus, Grief, by Echion.

Autonoe, With-a-Mind-of-Her-Own.

Geography/Culture: Thebes.
Linguistic Note: from Greek alpha-upsilon-tau-omicron-mu-epsilon-omicron-mu-alpha-iota, (automeomai), 'to live by one's own laws, be independent'. Related English word: autonomous.
Male Associate: son, Actaeon.

Source: IGEL/134.
Halia, Of-the-Sea.

Geography/Culture: Rhodes.
Linguistic Note: related English word, halophilic 'salt-loving'.

Source: Graves GMv1 157.
Leucothea, White-Goddess.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: White Goddess of the sea; Protectress of mariners.
To Whom Sacred: sea-mew (and She sometimes takes the form of one).

Source: Graves GMv2 107.y.
Nephele, Rain-Cloud.
Alternate meaning: Cloud.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: A cloud fashioned by Zeus to look like Hera, Our-Lady.
To Whom Sacred: the ram with the golden fleece.
Male Associates: son, Phrixus, (Prixus), Stiff-With-Horror, by consort, Athamas. Son, Amycus and the centaurs (one of whom was called Nessus), by lover: Ixion.

Source: IGEL 530.
worked on: October, June 1995; August 1991; June 1990; added Agave image April 1997.
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