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Zemelo, Earth-Mother.
[to Whom the seventh day of April, day 097, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Slavic.
Linguistic note: Slavic. zemel- earth.
Description: Goddess of earth.

Corone, Sea-Crow.
Alternate meaning: Crow-Virgin.

Geography/Culture: Greek: Isle of Naxos.
Linguistic note: Greek orthography kopÍvn, the chough, or sea-crow, a small bird with red beak and legs. 2. Anything hooked or curved like a crow's bill. Latin, cornix.

Coronis, Sea-Crow.
Alternate meaning: Crow.

Geography/Culture: Greek.

Chthonia, The-Subterranean'.
Alternate meaning: {She-of-the-Soil}.

Geography/Culture: Greek: Argolia, espcially Hermione. Also Sparta.
Linguistic notes: Greek orthography xi-theta-omicron-nu-iota-alpha, (khthonia), from xi-theta-omicron-nu-iota-sigma, (khthonios), 'in, under or beneath the earth'. 2. 'Of subterranean noises'. Related English word: chthonic.
Goddess of the underworld.
To Whom are sacred: hyacinth garland (worn by those joining in the Chthonia festival procession); cow (representing the spirit of vegetation sacrificed by three old women at the Chthonia festival); torch; the demetreioi (spirits of the dead).
Festival: Chthonia, 'Festival of the soil'.

Source: EBv7/980-2; GEL; GG.CK/256-9.
Semele, Subterranean.

Geography/Culture: Asia Minor > Greece, especially Thebes.
Description: {Goddess of the earth and the germination of seed}.
In most myths She is represented as a mortal killed by Zeus occasioning Her descent to the Underworld. Her statue and grave were to be seen at Thebes.
To whom are sacred: ivy.
Male associates: son, Dionysus by lover Zeus or Actaeon.

Thyone, Ecstatic-Madness.
Alternate meaning: Raging-Queen.

Geography/Culture: Asia Minor.
Description: Queen of the dead; Goddess of the darkly fruitful earth that devours life so that fertilised, She may reproduce life; Mother of the vine and intoxicated orgies.
To whom are sacred: ivy; toadstools; floors scattered with flower-petals; dancing; singing; piping; omphalos (artificial mound).

Sources: EBv8/287c, v24/616a; FP.MA/21, 153; KC.GG/256-9.
worked on: September 1995; July 1990
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