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Aurora, Golden-Dawn.
[to Whom the eighteenth day of July, day 199, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Roman.
Linguistic Note: see Eostre Linguistic Note.
Description: Goddess of suffused light; Herald of the sun; Matron Mother Who brings the comfort of day to Her frightened children.
To Whom Sacred: {the aurora borealis, the luminous atmospheric phenomena near the poles}.

Aura, Cool-Fresh-Breeze-of-Morning.
Alternate meaning: {She-Who-Lightly-Stirs-the-Air}.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: from Greek alpha-upsilong-rho-alpha, (aura), 'air in motion, a breeze, especially a cool breeze, the fresh air of morning'. Related English word: aura (exhalation, breath, etc.).
Description: Goddess of breezes, changeful events and anything thrilling.
To Whom Sacred: {steam, metaphorial use of the Greek word)}; {halo, as in aura of nobility}.

Source: AHDEL; IGEL; ODEE 63.
Mater-Matuta, Mother-of-Morning.
Geography/Culture: Roman. The remains of the first temple to Mater-Matuta, at Satricum, is no earlier that the sixth century {BCE?}. She had a temple in the Forum Boarium.
Description: Goddess of birth and light; Matron of nephews and neices.
Under Hellenic influence She became also Goddess of the sea and harbours.
Festival: June 11, Matralia Source: ETAC.ER
worked on: June, July 1990; August 1991; June 1995.
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