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Circe, Circling-One.
Alternate meanings: She-Falcon.
[to Whom the fifteenth day of August, day 227, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek: Northern Adriatic, Mount Circei (originally: Aia).
Linguistic Note: the form of Her name given here is the Roman transliteration of Greek, kappa-iota-rho-xi-eta, (kirche, cirche). The fopho above is inaccurate (should be: K6XA) and must be changed at the nineteen year revision. Related to kappa-iota-rho-kappa-omicron-sigma, (kirkos) a kind of hawk or falcon, so called from its wheeling flight, also a ring, circle. Related English words: circle, circus.
Description: Beautiful, alluring, majestic and melodic Goddess of the sun; Divine sorceress of birth, love and death; Weaver of light and of worlds; She Who sings "at the great loom"; Ruler of the stars; frighteningly powerful Queen of the island Aiaia; Eponym of Mount Circei; She Who brings about transformations.
To Whom Sacred: willow; dogwood; mandrake [probably from Her identification with black witchcraft]; falcon (and its cirlcing flight); wryneck; pig; lion; wolf (and its circling ambulation); the circle; circle dance of enchantment.
Male Associates: consort/brother: Aietes. Sons: Agrios, Ardeas and Telegonus by Odysseus. Son: Latinus by Odysseus or Telemachus. Agrios and Latinus were rulers of the Tyrsenoi (Etruscans). Telegonus, ancestor of the Tusculans (from the Alban Hills).

Source: ETAC.ER; GSM.KK/5-16; KD.WWGRM/Circe; see also KK.GSM/12; IGEL/434; Rose HGM 349.
Cassiphone, Murderer-of-the-Brother.

Geography/Culture: Greek {I presume}

Source: GSM 15.
Marica, ----.

Geography/Culture: Roman {?}
Male Associates: presumably son Latinus, by Faunus {see below -- but check}.

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