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Dione, Queen-of-the-Bright-Sky.
Alternate meaning: Divine-Queen.
[to Whom the sixth day of May, day 126, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Early Greek: especially Dodona, in Epirus, where the most ancient Greek oracle was located.
Linguistic Note: Her name is a feminie form of Zeus (Dios), Bright-Sky.
Description: Goddess of the earth, woodlands, fertilising moistures and divination (from the rustling of oak, or some say beech, leaves interpreted only old women); Answerer of personal questions; Ruler of the planet Mars.
The rustlings of Dodona's oak leaves were interpreted by the selli, (a word related to sella, a wooden seat, a throne, a log, perhaps in reference to fallen trunks or branches on which they sat listening ( -- listening, as an audience at a concert). The selli were priestesses who, in order to maintain close sensitivity with Earth as Muse, slept on the ground, wore no shoes and never washed their feet.
To Whom Sacred: trees, (especially beech and oak); dove, especially a black dove; {the butterfly dione moneta from Brazil}; bridal-veil; garland; sceptre.
Male Associates: son, (said by some to be), Dionysus by consort Zeus. As Titanis, Her consort is, Crius.

Source: Ency Brit v2 167a; ibid v8 283c; idid v16 476d; ibid v28 977b; Graves GMv1 27, 41, 49-50, 56-7; Graves GMv2 25, index; Graves WG 66.
Danais, ----.

Geography/Culture: Greek. ?

Dia, She-of-the-Bright-Sky.
Alternate meanings: Of-the-sky, Of-the-Day, {Goddess}.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: Greek delta-iota-alpha, feminine of delta-iota-omikron-sigma. Acc. of Zeus.
Description: Goddess of the moon, and the rain clouds; Divine Daughter of the sea-shore.
To Whom Sacred: Oak; dove; horse; ritual marriage.
Male Associates: son, Peirithous by consort Ixion (or through seduction by Zeus -- for whom Ixion may have been another name -- in the form of a stallion).

Source: Graves GMv1 209, 362.
Hippodameia, The-Horse-Tamer.

Geography/Culture: Greek: possibly Arcadia.
Male Associates: consort, Pelops. When the Pelopians intermarried with the original Arcadians, this was recorded in myth as a marriage between Hippodameia and Pelops.

Source: Graves WG 354; Kravitz WWGRM 164.
worked on: November, June 1995; August 1991; June, July, December 1990.
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