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Felicity Wallis b. Ishtar, full Europe Moon, 1938.
San Francisco


108 Montana Street, San Francisco, CA 94112 2950.

Facilitator of Holladay Paganism, publisher of Her Cycle of Transformations, artist, poet, musician, computer nerd, madwoman, lunipeer counselor, etc.

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On-going notes:

Eileithyia, She-Who-Aids-Women-in-Labor (June 21, 1995).
I have already observed somewhere that I'm not a scholar. And I'm not trying to be definitive in presenting this Goddess material. When starting my research there was so little to be found about the consorts of the gods. I began making guesses based on the information available; I incorporated the guesses of others. Notably the guesses of Robert Graves in the early days, subsequently guesses from the plethora of books on Her which have lately proliferated. I want to put this information together so discrepancies can be seen; inconsistances remarked upon; lack of information in certain areas be apparent. I hope, by reaching out to the net, that those who are able will help in this work of sorting out Who She has been, how invoked, what She has meant to others in the past. And by making use of this material I hope there are those of you who will give Her meaning today.
Hera, (May 13th), 1995.
It's been a problem all along -- what typographical convention to use for presentation of the meaning of Her names. Originally, I hyphened together any phrase which claimed to be a translation of Her name. The rationale here being that of our (Enlish speakers') typographic convention which uses the hyphen to join single words with separate meanings into a quasi single word with a new meaning. (I wanted to emphasize that the meaning was to be apprehended as a whole concept). At one period I added single quotes, and lower-case type for the beginning of each internal word. The single quotes looked ugly, so they were abandoned for italics. But having introduced the convention elsewhere in the work of capilatizing any word to do with Her, such as Her, or Who, the difference between these and the non-capilatized words in Her names looked peculiar, so I captalized them all. Of course this is a typographic overkill, but I've got used to it and now nothing else looks right.
Harpyiai, (May 8th), 1995
Have just begun converting all my Goddess files to HTML (actually started about two weeks ago). For now I'm concentrating on making all Her Cyclopedia files at least accessible from the brief Goddess description in Her Cycle of Transformations. I'm tempted, and therefore sometimes do more HTML formatting on the cyclopedia files. For now, there is little cross referencing from the cyclopedia files elsewhere.
Following the recommendation of HTML code usage teachers this is my Disclaimer:

You have a copyright, as everyone, but please give me credit for the concept, acknowledge my intellectual property rights, etc.

I am putting this information together, in this particular way, because it is information I want to have for myself, and because I want to access the information in this particular way.

I am not a scholar. In the beginning I didn't even make reference source notes. Now I do because lack of them caused frustration when trying to check up on something. Sometimes I'm pretty certain the information I'm recording is faulty, but am unsure how to make this clear. I've tried to keep myself separate from my sources, but there are probably times when I haven't remembered, and times when I haven't succeeded.

I hope the whole concept amounts to something radical and inspiring for some of you.

Please comment, correct me, send more info., help me if you can (I dont think the rest of my life's long enough to complete this project).

madwoman -- Usually diagnosed as some sort of schizoid type -- paranoid schizophrenic; hebephrenic schizophrenic; psychotic schizophrenic, etc