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Meshkhent, The-Place-Where-One-Delivers.
[to Whom the twenty-first day of September, day 264, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Egyptian.
Description: Goddess of childbirth and prophesy; She Who fashions the ka, the spiritual and intellectual power, of the child still in the womb; She Who personifies the birth bricks of labour; She Who, going from house to house, brings relief to women in labour; She Who appears when labour begins and stays till birth to predict the life to come; She Who testifies for the soul at its judgement before Maat, Truth, and Osiris, .
She is sometimes quadrupled as the Goddesses of the birth-chamber, the birth stool and the two birth bricks. Sometimes They celebrate the birth with dancing and music.
To Whom Sacred: palm-shoot -- or possibly a water-plant (head-dress); birth-brick (on two of which mothers lean when crouching to give birth); wig; crook and flail.
Male Associates: consort: Shai, {He-Shadow}. Khnum is also said to fashion the ka, he does it on his potter's wheel.

Source: IV.EM/112; LM.GSAE/32, 73, 80; MAS.WWEM/95; NLEM/38
worked on: September, August 1995; August 1991; June 1990.
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