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Nekhebet, Queen-of-Vultures
[to Whom the eighth day of March, day 067, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Egypt: the city Nekhebet (Greek -- Eileithyiaspolis).
Description: Goddess of nature and death; Mother of Mothers, Father of fathers; Primeval abyss which brings forth life everlastingly; Source of the great river {the Nile, but which could be understood as of life}; Protectress of women in childbirth; Sovereign and Matron of Upper Egypt.
To Whom Sacred: water-lily or lotus sceptre twined by a snake; vulture; the direction south; the white crown of Upper Egypt.

Source: NLEM; Mercacante WWEM 106.
Neb-Ti, The-Two-Mistresses

Geography/Culture: Egyptian.

Description: Dual Goddess of Upper (south), and Lower (north), Egypt; Protectress of the Pharoah.

Source: Monaghan BGH 215.

{Note: The confusion between Nekhebet and Mut may signify that the two names were at some time used for the same Goddess and that gradually the two names accrued to themselves distinctive qualities. How did the ideogram of a vulture head-dress come to signify Mother (as is said of Mut's name)? The fact that the united crowns of both upper and lower Egypt are sacred to Mut suggests that the Neb-ti are a dual form of Mut.}
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