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Metis, Counsel.
Alternate meaning: Wisdom.
[to Whom the twenty-second day of September, day 265, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Hellenic? Greece.
Linguistic Note: related English words: measure, metre, meter, mete, diameter. Idg. me, 'to measure'. Sanskrit ma, 'to measure'.
Description: Shapeshifting Goddess of counsel, wisdom and knowledge; Most knowing and wisest of Deities; She Whose wisdom is watery, intuitive, poetic, attuned to subleties and transformations.
To Whom Sacred: almond; walnut; bee; mustard and salt (as emetic); the planet Mercury (equals wisdom); the day wednesday (equals Mercury); {by extension, quicksilver}; the number nine. Nuts are associated with wisdom.
Male Associates: consort, Zeus, who swallowed Her when She was pregnant with Athene, {I-Have-Come-From-Myself}.

Carya, Nut-Tree.

Geography/Culture: Greece.

Caryatis, She-of-the-Walnut-Tree.

Geography/Culture: Greece -- Laconia, especially the village Karuai.
Description: Goddess of vegetation, trees, wisdom, inspiration and healing; eponym of columns sculptured to look like women. Compiler's note: Since the Greek stone temples were originally renderings in stone of their previous wooden temples, it seems possible that the caryatid columns, which in the wooden temples would have started out as tree trunks, were based on trunks which had been carved to show the inhabiting tree-spirit. They are akin to the Hindustani Yaksinis, Those-of-Sylvan-Mysteries.
To Whom Sacred: walnut tree and nut; Caryatids, or Caryatides (columns sculpted in the form of women and also the name of Her priestesses).

Source: AHDEL.
worked on: September, August, July 1995; April 1992; August 1991; June 1990.
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