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Mehurt, Celestial-Cow.
Alternate meaning: Great-Flood.
[to Whom the twentieth day of September, day 263, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Egyptian.
Description: Goddess of infinite space; Mother of the sky and the sun; Celestial Cow; Heaven's Ocean; She along Whose belly Ra proceeds each day in his solar bark; Protectress of the dead.
To Whom Sacred: lotus of the world; cow; Methyer (Greek name for Heaven's Ocean); the number 18; the stomach (in canopic jars).
Male Associates: son/brother/consort, Anhur, He-who-brought-back-the-far-off, or Support-of-the-heaven, god of war.

Source: Mercatante WWEM 93-4.
Mai-Hesa, Fierce-Eyed.

Geography/Culture: Egyptian. Worshipped at Bubastis.
Description: Lion headed Goddess.
To Whom Sacred: lynx.
Male Associates: consort, a lion, (worshipped at Leontopolis), identified with Anhur.

Source: Ions EM 46, 125.
worked on: September, August, June 1995; August 1991.
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