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Tefnut, Dew-of-Dawn.
Alternate meaning: Moisture.
[to Whom the twenty-sixth day of July, day 207, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Egyptian.
Description: Mother of earth and sky; Lady of flame; She Who is the Power of sunlight, both beneficial and destructive; Goddess of the life-giving dew, moisture and rain; She Who is the embodiment of supreme divine power; She Who is the Uraeus on the heads of all the Deities; She Who is the principle of world order; Protectress of Ra, Osiris and the Pharoah; She Who is one of the judges in the under world; She Who causes the throat to breathe.
Originally the lunar 'Eye of Ra', She became the solar Eye and then the Uraeus.
To Whom Sacred: incense-bearing plants (which are Her tears); lioness; lynx; flamingo (in Buto She and Shu were worshipped in the form of the flamingo-like 'children of the Lower Egyptian king', a mythical image for the sun and moon; uraeus (disk and cobra); mountain from which the sun rises; tongue (symbol of the means to creation); the left eye (of Horus, ie the moon).
Iconography: She is sometimes portrayed with the head of a lioness.
Male Associates: consort/brother, Shu, (Shoou), {He-Who-Raises}, god of air. The Greeks confused Him with Apollo. Also mentioned as Her lover is Amon, 1M0N, ----, Creator God. Thoth, ----, is also said to have been Her consort. Son/violator: Geb, G]B, ----.

Source: EB11v4 709b; Lamy EM 82; Lurker GSAE 119, 123; Ions EM 24, 25, 28, 32, 45, 46 image; {presumably ME.VI} 84, 125..po 4; Image: Ions EM 44.
Tafner, ----.

Geography/Culture: Egyptian.
Description: Goddess.
Male Associates: consort, Haroeris, or Horus-the-Elder, God of light, who is also said to be sometimes the consort of Hat-Hor, sometimes Her son.

Source: EM.VI/66. 69. Image: EM.VI/66 with Haroeris {I do not now find these references}.
worked on: July 1990; July, August 1991; May, June 1995.
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