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Leucippe, White-Mare.
[to Whom the twenty-eighth day of August, day 240, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek: perhaps especially Mount Teuthras.
Linguistic Note: Greek lambda-epsilon-upsilon-kappa-iota-pi-pi-eta, (Leukippe).
Description: The Mare-headed Mother; Goddess of the moon; [Provoker of lunacy]; She Who strikes forth inspirational springs with Her moon-shaped hoof; Healer of leprosy; [perhaps bestower of sovereignty].
To Whom Sacred: bat (into which a mortal incarnation of Her was turned); horse, its moon-shaped foot-print, its shoe; [all moon-shaped, horse-shoe-like geographical formations]; the Hippocrene and the Aganippe, (two spring's which She created on Mount Helicon); the leprosy curing stone Antipathes; golden mechanical boar.
Festival: Agrionia 'Provocation to savagery'. Annual atonment for the death of Hippasus, in which women pretend to seek Dionysus, and then, having agreed he must be away with the Mousae, Inspirers, sit in a circle and ask riddles.
Male Associates: son, Hippasus, Horseman.

She seems to be triple with:
Alcithoe, Impetuous-Might and Arsippe, She-Who-Raises-the-Foot.
Source: Graves GMv1 105, 110, 246, 251; Graves GMv2 188-9, 109, 262; Graves WG 383-4; Kravitz WWGRM 141.
Arsinoë Male-Minded.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Note: the Egyptian city Crocodilopolis, opposite the Egyptian Labyrinth of the 12 nomes and the Lake Moeris, was at some time apparently called Arsino&eUML;.

Source: Matthews MLHD 13.
Hilaeiro, Shining.
Alternate meanings: Mild-One, Gracious-One.

Geography/Culture: Greek: Sparta.
Description: Goddess of the Full Moon; or Goddess of the spring and summer moons.

Source: Graves GMv1 251; GMv2 index.
Leucippedes, White-Fillies

Geography/Culture: Spartan.
Description: Triple Goddess of the moon.
Title of moon-priestesses.
Note: the moon in three rather than two phases is related to healing.

Composed of:
Phoebe, Moonlight --- Hilaeiro, Shining --- Arsinoë, Malel-Minded

Philodice, {Wise-Justice}.

Male Associates: Consort: Leucippus, {white-Stallion}.

Strymo, Harsh.
Alternate meanings: Harsh-One.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Male Associates: Consort: Laomedon.

Source: Kravitz WWGRM 217 (and see for more info.)
Zeuxippe, She-Who-Yokes-Horses.

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