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Huruing-Wuhti, Hard-Beings-Woman

[to Whom the eleventh day of May, day 131, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: North America. Hopi.
Description: Goddess of rocks, clay, minerals, and other hard substances.
Others say: Genetrix; Goddess of the sea; She Who was in the beginning the lone inhabitant of that island, which was the only land there was, floating in the waters of space; She Who, though of the earth, lives in the worlds above where She owns the moon and stars; She Whose major aspects are solidity and hardness; She Who created humanity by breathing life into female and male effigies who then became the Hopi ancestors; from the meeting of Woman, water and earth, Her creatures were born.
To Whom Sacred: (She owns, that is empowers, or is identified with) all hard substances: moon, stars, beads, coral, shell, etc. Source: A,PG.SH/14; M,P.BGH/129
Dual Huruing-Wuhti
and Huruing-Wuhti-of-the-Western-Ocean
Description: Dual Goddesss of primordial waters; the Two Mothers; Between Them They created the land and all life upon it; Those Who formed the first man and the first woman, parental ancestors of the Hopi people.

Tuwabontums, ---.
Geography/Culture: North America: Hopi.
Description: The first Mother; Parental Ancestress of the Hopi people.
Male Associate: Muingwu, ---, the first man.
Source: E,R.AIML/115 and see for more under `The White Dawn of the Hopi'; S,M.MAWv2/94.

worked on: August 6, 1991; May 1995
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