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Sussistanako, Thinking-Woman.
Alternate meanings: Thought-Woman, {Thought-Spinner}.
[to Whom the fourteenth day of December, day 348, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: America, North: Pueblo people. Hopi.
Linguistic Note: the main meaning is from Stone AMW v2 92, the first alternate meaning from Allen SH 13.
Description: Goddess of creation; She Who forms every person; She to Whom everyone is attached by a thread from the head; Spider-Woman, She Who wove the web that eventually drew the sun up into this world.
To Whom Sacred: spider; webs; song.

She has a Triple quality with Her Sisters:
Uretsete, ----
and Naotsete, ----
Source: Allen SH 13, 16; Stone AMWv2 92-93.
Hatai-Wugti, Spider-Woman.

Geography/Culture: America, North: people of the southwestern desert (Zuni and Hopi?).
Description: Big bodied Earth Goddess.
To Whom Sacred: big-bodied desert spider.

Source: Monaghan BGH 129.
Naotsete, ----

Geography/Culture: America, North.

Source: Stone AMWv2 92-93
Uretsete, ----.

Geography/Culture: America, North.

Source: Stone AMWv2 92-93
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