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Hepat, Earth-Mother.

[to Whom the twelfth day of May, day 132, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Anatolian, especially Aleppo and Samuha; Hurrian.
Description: Great dignified Goddess of the sun; Mighty Mother of all Deities; Sovereign of heaven and earth; Divine Queen of all lands; She Who in Dual form is Ruler of the year's two seasons; She to Whom no mortal appeals in vain.
See also the Goddess Anthology under Hepat.
To Whom Sacred: flower; lioness; panther; double-headed sun-eagle; double-peaked mountain; double-circle; winnowing basket; cylindrical crown.
Iconography: She stands on a lioness, or panther; wears a cylindrical crown, or Her hair is in single plait tucked into Her belt at back; earings; long straight robes that touch Her shoes, or long, belted, skirt pleated, wide sleeved gown; a double circle (symbol of deity), grows from a blossoming flower She holds in extended hand, or left arm raised, hand held with fingers extending upward in pincer- or cup-like position, right arm raised, hand clenched in fist.
Male Associate: Teshub. Son: Sarruma. Source: AMWv1/194; ARAS/2Df.019; BGH/130; GMv2/206.
Hipta, ---.

Geography/Culture: Mesopotamian?
Male Associate: Zeus-Sabzius. Dionysus was delivered to Her for safe-keeping and She carried him on Her head in a winnowing basket.

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