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Victoria, She-Who-Bestows-Victory.
Alternate meanings: Victorious-One, She-Who-Conquers.
[to Whom the thirtieth day of November, day 334, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Roman. She had a temple on the Palantine before the foundation of Rome.
Linguistic Note: from Latin victor, from victus, past participle of vincere, to conquer. Related English words: vanquish, vincible, victor, convince, evict.
Description: Winged Goddess of achievemeent; Protectress of the Senate.
Altars were erected to Her in military camps.
To Whom Sacred: orb (signifying the world); palm; wreathe.
Iconography: She is sometimes crowned, characteristically winged, sometimes with wreathe or Orb in Her outstretched right hand, palm in the left. Sometimes She leads a captive barbarian. A Victoriola, (that is a figurine of Victory), is sometimes held in the hand of Goddesses such as Roman Roma, ---- or Greek Athene, I-Have-Come-From-Myself.
Festival: November 01. Also special games were held in Her honour (perhaps at the November festival).

Source: EB Nike; Vermeule GRARE 8, 35-6, 44, 46-7, 49, 66.
Andraste, Invincible-One.

Geography/Culture: British Celtic.
Description: Goddess of victory.

Nice, She-Who-Conquers.
Alternate meaning: Victory.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: Winged Goddess of victory, not only in battle, but of all human undertakings; Matron of competative sports; Erectress of trophies; Recorder of attainments; Mediator of success between Divinities and human_beings.
To Whom Sacred: palm-branch; wreathe; shield (on which She records victories); Hermes staff (as the messenger of victory).

Source: EB Athena, Nice
Nicephorus, Bringer-of-Victory.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: Goddess of war; Protectress of cities; Dispenser of victory; She Who holds victory in Her hand.

Source: EB/Athena.
Vacuna, ---.

Geography/Culture: Etruscan.
Description: Goddess of agriculture. She evolved into Goddess of license and eventually into a war Goddess.

Source: BGH.PM/298; EB/Nike.
Victrix, {She-Who-Brings-Virtory}.

Geography/Culture: Roman.
To Whom Sacred: Victoriola (figurine of Victory which Roma holds in Her hand. The Victoriola, sometimes stands on an orb, holds a wreathe in Her out-strectch right hand and a palm in the left.
Iconography: She is sometimes crowned, characteristically winged, holds wreathe in Her right hand and a palm in the other; leading a captive barbarian.

Source: GRARE 8, 35, 36, 44, 46, 47, 49, 66.
worked on: October 1995; August 1991.
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