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Ran, The-Robber.
[to Whom the twelfth day of October, day 285, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Scandinavian, Norse.
Description: Mermaid like Goddess of the stormy sea; She Who with Her hands drags ships down to Herself in the depths; Queen of the underwater realms; She Who welcomes the drowned (especially if they have gold in their possesion) to Her halls and feasting.
If ghosts of drowned people appear at their funeral feast it is a sign they have been recieved kindly by Ran.
To Whom Sacred: lobster; Ran's Road (the sea); the ninth wave; the number 9 (Her nine Daughters are generally assumed to be the waves of the sea); net (with which, some say, She traps seafarers); gold; cauldrons (associated with the feasting in Her hall); originally human sacrifice was made to Her before embarking on a voyage.
Male Associates: consort Aegir, God of the sea. In Her nine-fold aspect, or as Her own nine Daughters, Mother of Heimdall, the white god.

Source: Davidson GMNE 128-9; Funk & Wagnall SDFML 924.
Gefjun, Generous-Giver.
Alternate meaning: The-Giver.

Geography/Culture: Old Norse, Scandinavian, Danish: Island of Zealand.
Description: Goddess of the oceans, fertility, virginity, prophesy and magic; Protectress of the souls of women who die as virgins.
Those who die as maidens serve Her.
To Whom Sacred: bullocks/oxen; the Island of Zealand; jewel; plough.
Male Associates: sons, four giants, who were Her bullocks, by consort Scyld, (Sciold), ----.

Source: Branston GN 152-3, 154, 300.
worked on: September 1995; July 1991; July 1990.
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