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Edda, Great-Grandmother.
[to Whom the third day of October, day 276, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Norse.
Linguistic Note: the word occurs in the old Nordic poem Rigsthula where it seems to mean 'great grandmother'. Jacob Grimm suggested 'Tales of a Grandmother' as its meaning. Eirikr Magnusson suggests that it is the possesive case of the place-name Oddi, thus meaning the "Book of Oddi'. In fact the word is still (azov 1987) used in modern Icelandic for Grandmother.
Description: Goddess of myth, the poetic arts and history; Inspirer of story-tellers; Eponym of the Eddas; Mother of mothers; Ancestress of the Thralls, (those who work the land for food).
To Whom Sacred: the eddas (the type of poetry She inspires -- they usualy open with an invocation to Her).
Male Associates: consort Ái, Grandfather, lover Rig, also known as Heimdal.

Source: Branston GN 36; Hollander PE 120-21; Walker WEMS/269.
Amma, Grandmother.

Geography/Culture: Scandinavian.
Linguistic Note: See Linguistic Note under Amba, Mother, Who is linked with Ambika, Little-Mother.
Description: Ancestress of craftspeople, tradespeople and business people.

Mothir, Mother.
Alternate meanings: Mud-Mother.

Geography/Culture: Scandinavian: Norse.
Linguistic Note: related to German Moder, 'mother; clay, mud'.
Description: Mother Goddess of scholars, hunters, soldiers and leaders. Some say Ancestress of the ruling caste of jarls, the landowners.

Source: Walker WEMS 325, 666.
Saga, She-Who-Tells.
Alternate meanings: Omniscient-One, Sayer.

Geography/Culture: Norse.
Linguistic Note: Scandinavian saga, 'a tale'. Icelandic segha, 'to say'. Related English words: saga, say.
Description: Goddess of the poetic arts and history; She Who is believed to know all things; She Who sits drinking gaily in Sokkvabekr, 'Sinking-beck', Her home in the sea, where cool waves flow.
To Whom Sacred: golden cups.
Male Associate: Odin, Her father, with whom She drinks.

Source: Branston GN 156; Funk & Wagnall SDFML 80; Stutley HDH 257; Walker WEMS 325.
worked on: September, June 1995; August 1991; July 1990.
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