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Nantosvelta, Winding-River.
[to Whom the fourth day of March, day 063, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Celtic: Welsh, Gauls.
Linguistic Note: Welsh nant, brook.
Description: Goddess of spring, running waters, forests, agricultural fertility [and death]; Creatrix and Destructress of the world.
To Whom Sacred: raven; dove and dovecot (the soul returning to the Goddess after death has sometimes been envisioned as a dove -- the catacombs, mausoleums and necropoli of Venus-Columba were called columbaria, dove-cotes).
Male Associate: consort, Sucellus.

Source: CM.PM 44, 49; Walker WEMS 253.
worked on: November, October 1995; August 1991; August 1990.
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