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Ngame, {Shining-One}.
[to Whom the fifth day of March, day 064, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: African: Berbers, Arkans of Ghana (of Libyo-Berber ancestry), Ashanti of Ghana.
Description: Triple goddess of the moon: She Who brought forth the heavenly bodies, and the world, by Her own efforts; She Who vitalized humanity and animals by shooting magical arrows into their inert bodies from Her new moon bow; She Who gives people their souls; Giver and taker of life; She Who gives birth to sun every morning; Matron of bronze-smiths.
To Whom Sacred: swastika, the fire-wheel - right-handed symbolizing the sun, left-handed the moon; the crescent moon. Her priestess is the Queen mother.

Source: Graves GMv1 22-3, 149; NLEM 475, 531; PG.AM 67; SM.AMWv1 135
'Ng'ai, ----.

Geography/Culture: Masai.
Description: Creator of the universe. {Is shehe Shehe?}.

Nyame, ----.

Geography/Culture: Ashanti of Ghana.
Description: Whom some call the sky god whose consort is Asase-Ya, Earth-Thursdau, Mother of the deities, waters and trees.
But some say Nyame, ----, is Divine SheHe of heaven and the activity of storms, where She is the Moon, represented by the tribal Queen Mother, and he is the sun, represented by the king.
To Whom Sacred: Divine One's Axe, thunderbolts; stone axe (symbol of the thunderbolt); Divine One's Tree, a forked post standing by doorways containing a pot with simple offerings, in which the stone axe is sometimes placed; the Golden Stool, symbol of the Ashanti people which descended from heaven.

Source: PG.AM 74, 105.
worked on: December 1995; August 1991August 1990.
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