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Mnemosyne, Memory.

[to Whom the eleventh day of March, day 070, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: Muse Goddess of inspiration; Matroness of poets; She Who aids in the accurate reciting of sagas when invoked to do so.
To Whom Sacred: the number 3; the number 9.
Male Associates: lover, Zeus, with whom She lay for nine nights. Source: GMv1/53; WG.RG/210; WWGRM/157; WEMS/665.
The Triple Mousae
Composed of:
first person: Mneme `Memory', second person: Melete `meditation', third person: Aoide, `Song'.
Geography/Culture: Greek: Boeotia, Mount Helicon.
Description: Triple Goddess of mountains, springs, song, dance, prophesy, and poetic inspiration; Those Who heal or curse by incantation; Rulers of instinct in animals and intuition in humanity. Source:
Aoide, `Song'.
Alternate meanings: `Singing'.
Geography/Culture: Boeotia, Helicon.
Linguistic Note: probably from b(epsilon)id(omega), to sing, then, praise. Perhaps related to b-(epsilong)id(eta)s, without form, incorporeal. {Reresearch - info not in hard copy}.
Description: Third person of the Triple Boetian Mousae. Source: WWGRM/26.
Melete, `Meditation'.

Alternate meaning: `Practice'.
Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: Second person of the Triple Boetian Mousae. Source:
Mneme, `Memory'.

Alternate meaning: `Remembering'.

Description: First person of the Triple Boetian Mousae. Source:
{I lost some stuff here, July 4th, '86. Pick it up from hard-copy.}
The Mycenian triple Muse Goddess:
Mnasa Posidaeia Potnia
Mnasa, `Memory'.

Alternate meanings: `Remembering'.
Geography/Culture: Greece?
Description: Old wise woman. Source: WWGRM/157,
Posidaeia, `Wife-of-the-husband'.

Linguistic Note: {the found meaning seems to me unlikely, but I have been unable to refind the reference - sounds like Graves}.
Potnia, `Lady'.

Alternate meaning:'Powerful One'.
Linguistic Note: see linguisitic notes on Potnia-Theron, under Orthia.
Source: {check sources:} Graves GMv1 53; Graves WG 210, 343; Kravitz WWGRM 157; Walker WEMS 665.}
worked on: August 9, 1991; May 1995.
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