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Idunn, Born-of-Flowers.
[to Whom the second day of April, day 092, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Norse.
spring; Guardian and Giver of the gift of rejuvenation; Inventrix of the runic writing system.
To Whom Sacred: golden apples (symbol of eternal youth and release from the tyranny of time); perhaps rowan berries (they may be the golden apples); walnut (into which She was transformed by Loki when recovering Her from abduction -- nuts: symbol of fertility); ashwood casket (in which She keeps the golden apples - if the Description: Golden Goddess of spring, flowers, blooming orchards, poetic inspiration and immortality; Emanation of earth's seasonal fruition; She Whose voice is to be heard in the music of running waters; She Who is to be experienced in the peace and stillness of the countryside; Seed of apples are rowan-berries then the casket maybe of mountain-ashwood).
Male Associates: consort, Bragi, Leader, god of poetry. She was abducted, with Her apples, by the giant Thjazzi, [could be understood as winter and storm?]. She is also said to be the bride of Heimdall.

Source: AMWv2 152-3; GMNE 70-71; GN.BB 142, 163, 207, 210, 254; WG.RG 314.
worked on: October 1995; August 1991.
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