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Horai, The-Seasons.

Alternate meanings: Hours.
[to Whom the ninth day of May, day 129, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: from H(is is really eta?)-omega-rho-alapha any time or period, whether of the year month or day. Latin hora, hour. Related English words: horology, hour, whore.
Description: Golden-diademed triple Goddesses of the weather; Those Who regulate the seasons; Gaurdians of the gates to heaven which They open or close by gathering or dispersing the clouds; Those Who send down or withold the fertilising dews and rain; Gaurdians of nature's order, and of the operations of agriculture; Administrators of justice and order; Securers of good laws, to Whom human morality is part of the natural law of the cosmos; Midwives to the Deities; Inspirers of sexual mysteries; Supervisors of the Olympic Games.
See also the Goddess Anthology under Horai.
To Whom Sacred: dancing; dancing places; ring-dances (as: the hora, a dance based on the zodiacal circling).
Festival: Horaea (at which protection was sought from the scorching heat and drought, and offerings were made of boiled meat).
The Triple Horai Composed of:
Dice, Justice. Eirene, Peace. Eunomia, Good-Order.
Athenian Dual Horai
Thallo, Sprouting. Carpo, Withering.
Athenian Triple Horai
included Auxo, Waxing-One.
They became fourfold, and subsequently, twelve, when the day was divided into twelve equal parts, each of part taking the name of Hora.
Source: Encyc Brit:Horae; MA.PF/52, 58, 88; Walker WEMS; Kravitz WWGRM 122.
Carpo, Withering.

Geography/Culture: Greek: Athenian.
Description: Goddess of Autumn and fruits; {Earth approaching Perihelion}.

Dice, `Justice'.

Alternate meanings: Natural-Law.
Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: Goddess of justice; She Who is relable, repetitative, conservative, and predictable.
Eirene, Peace.

Geography/Culture: Greek.

Eunomia, Good-Order.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: Goddess of lawfulness and good order. Source: WWGRM 95.

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