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Tyche, Fortune.
[to Whom the second day of August, day 214, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek. Elis.
Description: Probably originally an earth Goddess Who became a Goddess of fortune and chance, and finally Goddess of protection and civic prosperity; She Whose special care was the welfare of cities.
To Whom Sacred: snake (associated with Her oracular activities); turreted head-dress (showing Her identification with cities); final libations at a feast should be made in Her honour.
Male Associates: consort, Agathos-Daimon, an early earth spirit form of Zeus. At Elis She is associated with the boy God Sosipolis, (also a form of Zeus, Zeus-Soter, Saviour of the City) who wore a star-spangled robe. Sometimes She carries the child Ploutos, wealth of the earth.
{Note: for the time being at least I'm going to add all the City Protectress titles to Tyche's cross-reference section as City-Goddess par excellence}.

Source: H,JE.ET/58, 241, 282, 312.
Agathe, Kindly-One.
Alternate meanings: Good.

Geography/Culture: Sicily: Lebaddeia (Orphic).
Description: Originally Goddess of earth and prophesy; Preserver of the land from external dangers; Bestower of sovereignty.
Male Associates: consort, Agathodemon. King consorts frequently took the name Agathocles, Glory-of-Agatha.

Corythalia, Crowning-Glory.
Alternate meaning: Bloom-of-the-Head.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: Greek orthography kappa-omicron-rho-upsilong-theta-alpha-lambda-iota-alpha, (Korythalia).
Description: Goddess of the up-bringing and education of children; She Who protects the virginity and chastity of youth; Guardian of adolescents and She Who punishes offenses against them.
She stands against the power of Aphrodite, {Froth-of-Replication}.
To Whom Sacred: locks of hair cut off and dedicated to Her; bow and arrows.

Courotrophos, Rearer-of-Boys

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: Greek orthography kappa-omicron-upsilon-rho-omicron-tau-alpha-upsilon-rho-omicron-phi-omicron-sigma, (kourotaurophos), {but the the spelling looks wrong - check it sometimes}.
Description: Goddess protectress of civic and family life; Fosterer of young.

Source: EB Athena, Aphrodite.
Polioychos, {City-Protectress}.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
{I think the spelling of Poliouchos,(as currently in Hera's entry), and perhaps also Polioychos, must be wrong.}

Saint-Agatha, {Sacred-Kindly-One}.

Geography/Culture: Sicily.
Linguistic Note: See Saint in the glossary, The pronunciation given for Agatha is as the English pronunce Her name.
Description: Matroness of bell-founders; Saviour of Her country.
To Whom Sacred: breasts; bells (Her amputated breasts carried on a platter, were later misinterpreted as bells);
Iconography: early Christian icons show Her carrying Her breasts on a patera.
Festival: February 5th.

worked on: June, July 1995; July, and all x-references checked August 1991; July, June, 1990.
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