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Felicitas, Happiness.
Alternate meaning: Good-Fortune.
[to Whom the twentieth-eighth day of January, day 027, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Roman. Latium. Introduced in the 2nd century CE.
Linguistic Note: from Latin felici-, stem of {presumably masculine} felix, happy, fruitful; from the same root as feline, which is Latin feles, a cat; probably allied to Latin felare, to suckle, and to Greek thelus, female, thele, the breast. Related English words: feline, fetus, fecundity, effete, effeminate, female, feminine, felidae (the cat family).
Description: Goddess of joyous events, contentment, fruitful happiness among individuals and nations; She Who suckles the young; She Who brings good fortune; She Who personifies the happiness of the infant at the breast.
To Whom Sacred: {domestic cat (the animal in Her hand on the coin image could be a cat); breasts; the cat family felidae} .

Source: COED; EDEL 210; Kravitz WWGRM/101; Monaghan BGH 106; Perowne RM image 37; Vermeule GRARE 8, 34.

Geography/Culture: The martyrdom took place at Carthage about the year 203.
Description: Felicitas, a slave, was martyred with Her Owner, Saint Perpetua, by exposure in the amphitheatre to a wild-cow, and They were finally dispatched by the sword.
Festival: March 6, the eve of Their martyrdom.
Male Associates: teacher Saturus. A certain Saint Felicity, had a son, Saint Sylvanus, previously a saytr god.

Source: Cozens CS 26-27; Walker WEMS 880.
Felix, Fruitful.
Alternate meanings: Happy, fertile, lucky,

Geography/Culture: Roman. Latium. Venus-Felix shared a temple near the colosseum (dedicated in 136 CE) with Roma-Aeterna, Who is Her traditional companion.
Description: State Goddess; Ancestress of the Roman people and the imperial family in particular.
To Whom Sacred: carule chair (on which She sits as Roma-Felix).

Source: Vermeule GRARE 30, 35, 40, 51, 66.
worked on: November September 1995; April 1992; August 1991.
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