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Chryse, Golden-One.
[to Whom the nineteenth day of January, day 018, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek: Hellenic, from the Bosphorus.
Linguistic Note: Greek from chi-rho-upsilon-sigma-epsilon-omega-nu, (Khruseon, or Chryseon), 1. golden, of gold, decked or inlaid with gold. 2. gold-coloured, golden-yellow. 3. metaphorically, golden. Related English words: chrysalis (from Greek chi-rho-upsilon plus -sigma-alpha-lambda-lambda-iota-sigma, (khru-sallis, or chry-sallis), the golden pupa of a butterfly; chrysanthemum (from Greek chi-rho-upsilon-sigma-alpha-nu-theta-mu-omicron-nu, (khrusanthemon), gold flower); chrysarobin (a medicine used to treat skin conditions); chrysolite (from Greek chi-rho-upsilon-sigma-omicron plus -lambda-iota-theta-omicron-sigma, (khruso-lithos), gold-stone).
Description: Obscure archaic virgin and warlike Goddess of the metal gold, its refinement, and all that regarded as having great value or goodness; perhaps Eponym of the place Chryse; Matroness of all master-craftspeople, and especially of gold-smiths; perhaps Eponym of the place Chryse (near Troy).
In Her mortalized form She came to stand for tender-hearted faithlessness.
To Whom Sacred: chrysanthemum; chrysalis; crucible.
Festival: Hellotia, which included a torchlight procession.
Male Associate: Her father was Pallas, the teacher of Athene. In the variant form Chrysei, She is the Daughter of Chryses, a priest of Apollo, for whose sake Apollo sent a plague on the Greeks.

Source: AVMGR 52; HG.HCM/63; KK.AVM/20, 22, 27; RB.WWAW/88; GSM.KK.
worked on: November, July 1995; July, August 1991; July 1990.
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