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Sphinx, Throttler.
Alternate meaning: Strangler.
[to Whom the twelfth day of December, day 346, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Egypt (where She was male) > Greece, especially Thebes. The first female Sphinx, winged and recumbent was found in the palace of Esarhaddon, 7th c. B.C. Assyria. According to myth She was born in farthest Ethiopia.
Linguistic Note: from Greek sphiggein.
Description: Woman-faced, lion-bodied, eagle-winged calendar Goddess; She Whose dominion is over heaven and earth; Guardian of Thebes; She Who engages in win or die riddling contests; evil, lyreless, Muse of the dead; Black Sphinx; She Who allures with the gay colours of Her wings; She Who is amourous and devouring, dominating and possesive; She Who completely absorbs the whole being of Her lover or son; She Who was sent forth by Hades to be a cannibalistic snatcher of young men, or old.
She is sometimes multiple, then considered nightmare or underworld Demonesses.
To Whom Sacred: eagle; snake; lion; dog (sometimes the dog is substituted for the lion); Mount Phikion (Sphinx Mountain, where She has Her lair). Her body parts (not including the dog, who has underworld connections) are calendar symbols showing Her to be a calendar Goddess.

Source: EB1911; F,J.PSDMO/309-10; M,P.BGH/276; G,R.GMv1/280; G,R.WG/417.
worked on: November, May 1995; July 1991; December 1990.
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