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Oenone, Queen-of-Wine.
[to Whom the twenty-fifth day of August, day 237, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek: Phrygian: Mount. Ida. Oenone was the original name of the island of Aegina.
Linguistic Note: Although the well known Oenone was a mythical mortal, such mortals often have antecedents as Goddesses. She was chosen to join the Goddesses of the year for the sake of initial sound of Her name. The invention of wine-making is often associated with divinities.
Description: Nymph Goddess of prophesy, healing, [jealousy, remorse], [surely, wine]; [inebriation]; [the happy discovery ]; [the fortuitous accident].
To Whom Sacred: [wine; oenophorus, wine-jar].
Male Associates: sons, Corythus, Helmeted and Daphnis, Laurel by consort: Paris, Wallet.

Source: GMv2.RG/index; WWGRM/168.
Oenoe, {Wine-Woman}.

Geography/Culture: Greek. {Perhaps especially the Cyclades.}
Description: Water Nymph Goddess; Eponym of one of the Cyclades islands.
Male Associates: son, Sincinus, ----, by consort Thoas, Impetuous.

Source: GMv2.RG/index; WWGRM/168.
Oenope, {Wine-Face}.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Male Associates: son, Megareus, Of-the-Oracular-Cave, by Poseidon, He-Who-Gives-to-Drink-from-the-Wooded-Mountain, or by Hippomenes, Horse-Might, or by Onchestus, ----.

Source: Greves GMv1 309; GMv2 index; Kravitz WWGRM 168.
Rhoeo, Pomegranate.

Geography/Culture: Greek, perhaps from Crete.
Description: Mother of the Triple Goddess of wine and oil. Oeno could produce wine at will.

Composed of:
Elais, Of-the-Olive. Oeno, Of-Wine. Spermo, Of-the-Seed.
To Whom Sacred: [all plants from which wine or oil can be made; all the processes of making them; all the finished products]; olive oil; fermented grain; horse; wine; kernos (a three-cupped vessel). Source: HGM.R/267.
worked on: August; July, June 1995; August 1991.
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