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Nornir, [Well-Water-Raisers] .

[to Whom the seventh day of March, day 066, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Scandinavia: Norse.

Description: Originally there was only one Norn, Urthr, Who became the first person of the Triple Nornir. Triple Goddess of the moon and its phases, time, justice and fate; Controller of the destiny of human beings, Deities and the laws of the cosmos; the giant and all-powerful Divine Shes Who, sprinkling the leaves of Yggdrasil with clay and holy water from the well of Urthr prevent its limbs from withering and rotting; Those Who dispense justice from beneath the branches of Yggdrasil; Preservers of the fabric of the universe.

composed of:
first and oldest: Urthr, Fate
second person: Verdandi, Being
third and youngest: Skuld, Necessity.


To Whom are sacred: Yggdrasil (the world ash-tree, Odin took it over from Them); the well of Urthr (all things dipped into that well become as white as the film that lies within the shell of an egg); the color white.

Titles, Variants, etc.

Sources: Branston GN 77, 209; Graves WG 168.

Skuld, Necessity.

Alternate meaning: Shall-Be.

Geography/Culture: Norse.

Description: Veiled Goddess of fate, the future and the waning moon.

To Whom are sacred: the waning moon; sheild; veil; scroll (of the future).

Titles, Variants, etc.

Sources: Branston GN 179, 185, 209.

Urthr, Fate.
6r 6

Alternate meaning: Weird.

Geography/Culture: Scandinavia: Norse, Germanic.

Linguistic notes: Low German wurd, Anglo-Saxon wyrd, Old Norse Urdr, all meaning 'fate'. See also etymology of Ertha.

Description: Aged and inexorable Goddess of fate, justice and the Past; Eponym of the fountain (or well) near one of the roots of Yggdrasil from which the Norns drew water to sprinkle on its leaves.

Titles, Variants, etc.

Source: New Larousse EM 278.

Verdandi, Being.

Description: Goddess of the full moon and the present. Second person of the Nornir. [Check reference Graves WG 168]

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