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Angrbotha, Anguish-Boding.
Alternate meanings: {She-Who-Causes-Grief}, Boder-of-Ill.
[to Whom the thirty-first day of October, day 304, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Norse.
Linguistic Note: Old Norse angr, to grieve, vex. Related English word: anger. See also Angerona linguistic note
. Description: Prophetic Goddess of death; Holy One; Hag of the Iron Wood; Ogress of Giantland; She Who though burnt Her heart still lives; Worker of calamity.
Male Associates: consort, Loki. Sons: Fenriswulf, Jormungandr (the World Serpent). Or: having eaten Her heart after She was burnt, and been inpregnated by it, Loki himself gave birth to them and Goddess Hel, Shelter. Angrbotha, Anguish-Boding, is also the Mother of Geri and Areki, moon-dogs who ate the food offered on Odin's table (i.e. altar).
To Whom Sacred: dog; wolf; (perhaps) fire.

Source: FWSDLMF/58; GN.BB/96, 173-6; WEMS/37, 241; Hollander The Poetic Edda 6, 7, 103; Pendlesonn The Vikings 75, 77.
Aurbotha, Gold-Giver.

Geography/Culture: Norse.
Male Associate: consort Gymir.

Gollveig, Gold-Might.

Geography/Culture: Norse.
Description: Cunning Sorceress of the Vanir; She Who was three times burnt and three times born, over and over, yet ever She lives.
To Whom Sacred: the lifting drink of Hrimnir Daughter, (i.e. fire).

Source: BB.GN./174-5.
Sigyn, ----.

Geography/Culture: Norse.
Description: Goddess of faithfulness.
To Whom Sacred: snake venom; basin (in which She catches the venom which falls from the snake tied above the bound Loki); [earthquakes (when She leaves to empty the bowl of poison, the drops fall directly onto Loki, his writhings at such time are felt on earth as earthquakes].
Male Associates: Sons Vali and Nafi (or Nari) by consort Loki.

Source: GN.BB/95, 163.
Yngona, {Queen-of-Heroes}.
Alternate meanings: Anna-of-the-Angles.

Geography/Culture: Danish.
Linguistic Note: Danish ing, 'hero'. Graves is the source of the alternate meaning. {I think he must be reading 'Angles' for ing, and 'Anna' for ona.}
Description: Mother and fertility Goddess.
Male Associates: perhaps consort, Yng, Hero, an alternate name of Frey. Sons Ynglings, Danish kings.

Source: BB.LGE/136; GR.WG/370.
worked on: October 1995; December 1993; August 1991; July 1990.
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