To the Goddess named Mousae

The Muse when invoked by an artist one night
Came forth and inspired with so great a delight
That Her worshipper could not refrain from expression
But in rapture cried out: "O goodness Goddess!
O good I gotta, good I gotta good impression!"

A contrafactum by FW (files created in Music Printer Plus 2/14/91) based on an (anonymous) lyric used by Herny Purcell for one of his 3-part rounds.
The original words are as follows:

Sir Walter enjoyin' his Damsel one Night,
He tickl'd and pleas'd her to so great a Delight
That she could not contain t'wards the end of the Matter
But in rapture cri'd out, O sweet Sir Walter,
O switter swatter switter swatter switter swatter.

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