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Salacia, Lady-of-the-Salt-Sea.
[to Whom the twenty-seventh day of December, day 361, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Roman.
Linguistic Note: Greek roughbreath-alpho-lambda-sigma, (hals), salt; roughbreath-alpho-lambda-omicron-sigma, (halos), sea. Latin sal-us, salt. Related English words: salad, salami, salary (money given to Roman soldiers to buy salt), salina (a salt marsh), saline, salmagundi, saltpeter, sauce, sausage, souse. {One might expect also salacious, but this is apparently from Latin salire, to leap (as the male upon the female), but doesn't the sea also leap upon the shore?}
Description: Goddess of springs, the {world's} oceans, seas, and salt-water mammals; Fish-teeming abyssal womb; {Matron of all kinds of pickling}.
To Whom Sacred: dolphin; porpoise; phocian seal.
Male Associate: Consort: Neptune.

Source: Kravitz WWGRM 208.
Amphitrite, Encircling-Third-One.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Description: Goddess of the sea.
To Whom Sacred: dolphin; the Dolphin constellation (perhaps meaning that which we, in the western area of the Northern Hemisphere, call Hercules).
Male Associate: Consort, Poseidon.

Source: Kravitz WWGRM 21.
worked on: November, May 1995; July 1991.
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